Stephen J. LeBlanc, CEO, TXT Resources, Inc.

Jeremy: I just wanted you to know that your CSR Juan Herrera is awesome. He was assisting me in setting up a new number and the x-lite phone. I was setting this phone up for one of my companies in India. My Manager is getting up in years and has little internet experience. Basically, Juan and I had to talk the manager thru setup of the phone system and the x-lite setup. It was a very “trying time” on both of us to say the least! But, Juan stuck thru it like a trooper! I told him that if there was a way to give him a “tip” he would have certainly received one for his service today! He was courteous, professional and understanding. He never let the frustration of the situation get to him (I almost blew my top three different times). Anyway, I just wanted you to know that you have a very good employee in Juan Herrera!!!