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What is a Custom Number?

A custom phone number, also known as a vanity phone number, is a business telephone number you select, often with simple, catchy, and memorable digits.


This type of telephone number is usually preferred for marketing reasons because there’s a better chance your customers and prospects won’t have to look up the number or take note of it when they see an ad.

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From startups to enterprises, our platform accommodates growth seamlessly.

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At, we make it easy for you to amplify your brand with a personalized local or toll-free number with just a few clicks. Choose from our large database of custom phone numbers or port your existing number. offers a large database of local, toll-free, and vanity phone numbers from which you can choose. Simply select your users, the type of phone number you want (or port your existing phone number), and where you want the calls directed. You can then link your existing devices and use your number with more than 50 features.

At, you only pay for what you need. Simply choose your pricing plan and add local, toll-free, international, and custom phone numbers at only $4.99 per month per device. Some local numbers require a one-time acquisition fee. See pricing and plans for more details.

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