Phone or Email: Is There a Better Way to Communicate with Clients?

Communication is essential in business. This is especially true when you’re in a line of work where you take on individual clients. Regardless of the type of work that you do, your clients will have certain expectations that you need to meet. If you’re not able to effectively communicate with... Read More

Small Business Social Media on a Shoestring Budget

Social media is big business, and if your business wants to really succeed then there’s a good chance you’ll need some sort of a social media presence. Unfortunately, big social media pushes can cost big money. If you’re running a small business, you may not be able to afford a... Read More

8 Ways to Better Manage Your Time During the Workday

Time management is essential to being productive during the workday. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get distracted by the people and events surrounding you. That’s not even getting into the various distractions you’ll find online… have you ever fallen down a Wikipedia hole at work while trying to look something up?... Read More

Personalize Your Commercial Phone Systems with Greetings

Once you’ve got it set up, you might not give much thought to your company’s phone system. After all, this is the age of the Internet… your phones may not even be the primary way that your customers connect with your business. That doesn’t mean that your phone system isn’t... Read More

Choosing an IP Phone for Your Business

This is part 1 of a 2 part blog. Look for Part 2 coming soon. IP phones are becoming increasingly common these days. Not only are they popular for residential use, but they’re showing up more and more at businesses as well. VoIP services offer a lot of options that... Read More

6 Ways to Relieve Stress After a Busy Workday

Work can be stressful even on a good day. It’s even worse on busy or hectic days, when you barely have enough time to do everything that you need to do. It’s days like that when you want nothing more than to get out of there and find a way... Read More

Are You a Mobile Entrepreneur?

Once upon a time, being an entrepreneur meant that you had an office space to work from which you might occasionally pack up and move to another building as businesses grew and evolved. This became less common over time, with entrepreneurs gravitating more toward coworking spaces where they shared office... Read More

One Billion People Worldwide Are Using VoIP

As far as trends and use go, Voice over IP, better known as VoIP, is big. You may not realize just how big of a business it is, though. According to the latest statistics, it’s expected that there will be one billion people using VoIP services by the end of... Read More

Is Your Phone Keeping You Up at Night?

Smartphones have changed the world, but are they keeping you up at night? With just a touch we can have instant access to news, sports, weather, games and even the Internet. For many people, their phone is the first thing they check in the morning and the last thing they... Read More

7 Types of Information You Must Include in a Good Phone Message

Many people dread having to leave a phone message when they call someone. Even if you know exactly what you were calling about, having to condense everything into a short message on the fly can be nerve wracking. Think about it… how many times have you left a message and... Read More

The Latest on Robocalls & The Do Not Call Registry

When the “Do Not Call” list was first introduced, many people thought that it would finally put a stop to unsolicited calls. All that consumers would need to do is put their names on a list and people like telemarketers wouldn’t be able to call anymore. Many looked forward to... Read More

6 Tips for Taking Calls While Running Your Business Full-Time

Running a business isn’t easy, especially when you take a hands-on role in keeping things going yourself. It can become even trickier when you add in the various business calls that owners and managers have to field. You may wonder how to balance the two roles, fielding calls from customers,... Read More

Is Your Business Safe from Credit Card Fraud?

Credit card fraud is a major problem these days, especially given how easy it is for scammers and thieves to spoof legitimate websites and emails in an attempt to steal consumer information. In fact. it’s estimated that U.S. credit card fraud losses may exceed $12 billion by 2020, and that... Read More

5 Ideas for Effective Phone Follow-Up

Telemarketers have really ruined phone sales for a lot of marketing people. Pushy, script-driven sales calls have soured many people against business calls, and as a result, many business try not to call unless absolutely necessary. This reputation can be hard on a lot of businesses, especially as it cuts... Read More

Best Practices for Growing Your Business Blog

A blog can be a great tool for your business. A good business blog can increase customer retention, provide opportunities for customer interaction and even act as a low-cost marketing tool in the right situations. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do you much good if no one is reading it. If you... Read More

How Do You Survive the Summer Slump?

When you think of summer, your mind is likely filled with images of leisurely activities like having a cook out, going swimming at the lake or spending time with friends and family. What you probably aren’t picturing is all of the work that is required to keep your small business... Read More

How to Meditate During Your Workday

Meditation can have a profound effect on your life. Not only does it help to calm you down and declutter your mind, but it can have a proven effect on stress levels and decision-making skills as well. That said, it isn’t always easy to fit mediation into your day. This... Read More