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Phone.com exists to make businesses like yours successful.

Phone.com is the modern small business communication solution that lets you connect a business phone number to any device. You get the voice, video, text, call management, and collaboration features of an enterprise phone system without the cost.

Customer service is at the heart of or mission. That’s why live agents are standing by to support you 24 x 7 via phone, email, or text.

Phone service for small business.
Business phone service

Enhance communications
and collaboration

Phone.com offers all the modern features of a big enterprise phone system but is affordable and easy
to use for entrepreneurs and growing businesses.

Who We Are

More than 10 years ago, our founders set out to address a problem faced by thousands of small businesses and entrepreneurs … effective communications at an affordable price. Phone.com offers all the modern features of a big enterprise phone system but is affordable and easy to use for entrepreneurs and growing businesses.


They’ve been joined by a talented team of product innovation engineers, customer service professionals, and quality assurance experts devoted to giving you an unparalleled customer experience.

About the Phone.com team.
Phone.com customers.

Who we Serve

Entrepreneurs and people running small businesses should not have to worry about making sure they are responsive and that their employees are connected. That’s why we designed an easy-to-use, affordable communications solution with more than 50 features.


We have more than 40,000 customers in every industry, including, healthcare, retail, legal, education, finance, business services, and more. If your business takes or makes phone calls, you can benefit from Phone.com.

Meet the Phone.com Executive Team

Ari Rabban

Ari Rabban

CEO and Co-Founder

Ari is a veteran of the IP-communications industry. He served as president and advisor for two VoIP companies that were acquired. Also as senior executive at VocalTec Communications, the VoIP industry pioneer, and a strategy manager for Lucent Technologies. He holds an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University, and a law degree and BA in Economics, both from Tel Aviv University.

Alon Cohn

Alon Cohen

CTO and Executive VP

Alon is a respected entrepreneur and inventor, with five U.S. patents to his name. He is widely recognized as the godfather of the VoIP industry, for which he has been recognized with numerous awards. Alon was the co-founder of VocalTec Communications, the first company to provide Internet voice technology worldwide. Alon holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, as well as an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

Brent Barbara

Brent Barbara

SVP of Business Development

Brent Barbara is the SVP of Business Development at Phone.com. With over three decades of experience in growth strategy and execution, Brent is responsible for driving growth with our fast-growing customer base across all regions. He holds a BA Economics from the University of Rochester .

Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson

Controller and VP of Finance

Michael has worked every facet of finance in the telecom industry over the years. Previously he served as an auditor at KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Michael is also an accomplished DJ and music aficionado, recognized in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Timeout NJ. Michael is a CPA with a BA in Accounting from the University of Birmingham, UK.

Joel Malof

Joel Maloff

SVP Strategic Alliances and CCO

Joel is an experienced telecom executive, author and lecturer. He served as EVP and CTO at BandTel, Global Touch and Fusion Telecom, and as Executive Director at CICNET. Joel holds a B.Sc. from Towson University, and a M.Sc in Management with an emphasis in Information Systems Security from Colorado Technical University.

Yaron Globus

Yaron Globus

VP Financial Optimization

Yaron Globus brings 20 years of experience in strategic, analytical thinking to Phone.com. Combined with proven expertise and leadership in hands-on money management, with a unique combination of business savvy and advanced technical knowledge; recognized for passion, drive, and enthusiasm to transform businesses.

Martin Viau

Martin Viau

VP of New Products and Technology

Martin is a product visionary with expertise in technical project management and system architecture. As such, he helped several companies perceive and capture new market opportunities. Prior to that he was a VP of Technology at Deutsche Bank. He holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Université de Montréal and an M.Sc. Technology Management from Columbia University.

Chris Basile

Chris Basile

VP of Inside Sales and Customer Success

Chris oversees revenue growth, successful onboarding, ongoing adoption, and the overall success and support of our Phone.com customers. Chris brings over 20 years of experience with specialization in employee engagement workforce optimization and leadership development. He holds a BA in Business Management from California Coast University.

Ian Honcharuk

Ian Honcharuk

VP of Software Engineering

Ian Honcharuk is the Director of Software Engineering at Phone.com, where he oversees and the development teams and the development of all of Phone.com’s products. Ian brings more than two decades of experience in the tech industry as a founder, engineering, and business leader. In his spare time, Ian spends time with his family and enjoys music. He holds a BS in Computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology.

Alok Kaushish

Aalok Kaushish

VP of Network Engineering

Aalok Kaushish is VP of Network Engineering, overseeing research and development, product management, operations, and maintenance Aalok joined Phone.com as Director IT Infrastructure and Operations in 2016. He has over 20 years’ industry experience, much of it in management roles in engineering, operations, and services.

Amber Newman

Amber Newman

Director of Marketing

Amber Newman is our Director of Marketing overseeing lead generation, marketing communications, and public relations. She brings more than 20 years history in high technology marketing, including broad experience marketing business phone systems and related services.

Rupesh Gupta

Rupesh Gupta

Database Manager

Rupesh Gupta is currently the Database, Reporting, and Billing Manager at Phone.com. During the last six years, Rupesh helped to build our comprehensive baseline of current network assets, services, and cost drivers. He works with other project resources to model multiple potential solutions for network transformation as well as the resulting business cases.

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