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J Arnold & Associates – Spotlight on Small Can be Beautiful for Hosted UC – but it’s Big Too has been featured on the IP communications, research, and analysis site J Arnold & Associates. The piece focuses on analyzing as a major player in the SMB market for UcaaS. Read more here > Read More

Xaas Journal: 5 Tips for Selecting a VoIP/UC as a Service Vendor Partner with Joel Maloff

In a piece for Uxaas Journal,'s Joel Maloff gives tips for MSPs searching for VoIP & UcaaS vendor partners. Read more here > Read More

No Jitter–CTO/EVP Alon Cohen: “APIs Power Up Your UC”

  CTO/EVP of Alon Cohen's article for the technology site, No Jitter, is about the emergence of APIs in unified communications services. Cohen's piece details how APIs can streamline UC and strengthen their value through topics like programmatic communications tools, simple access to the PBX, flexibility of IVR systems,... Read More

Newark Tech Summit: Human workforce is key's CEO Ari Rabban gave the keynote speech at the third annual Newark Tech Summit on Tuesday, October 16. Held in downtown Newark, the event brought together entrepreneurs, startups, companies, and people in the tech industry eager to connect. Rabban's spoke of his journey in the telecom industry and how integral the... Read More

TMCNet: adds Enterprise Features and HIPAA Compliance is now proudly serving over 30,000 customers and to mark the milestone, CTO/EVP Alon Cohen sat down with TMCNet to discuss serverless architecture, HIPAA compliance, integration with Zapier, and more. Read the full article here > Read More

Podcast: Cloud communications pioneer continues to grow market and offerings

Over ten years ago, when TR first reported on, cloud was called hosted and hosted was something of an eccentric idea, at least to many. Migration to VOIP was then underway, but undoubtedly however enterprises did their communications, it was all on-prem. Today,, a pioneer from those times,... Read More

CTO/EVP Alon Cohen Pens Article for xplorexIT Magazine

Newark, NJ -'s CTO/EVP Alon Cohen was invited to contribute to the September issue of xplorexIT magazine and did so writing an article harkening back to his VOICE Summit conference topic of serverless architecture in communications-driven apps. Cohen's piece analyzes the newfound push towards serverless architecture and explores how companies... Read More

The Tech Companies, Startups and Individuals That Call Newark’s Launch Pad Home

A coworking space is made up of its members, and on the day of the Launch Pad ribbon cutting we were able to find several tech entrepreneurs who wanted to talk to us about the space. Anchoring the coworking space is, which moved 16 employees to Launch Pad in April. Ari Rabban,... Read More

Co-working space Launch Pad officially opens in style

Newark, NJ—Scores of residents and entrepreneurs from the city attended a ribbon cutting ceremony and celebration for the opening of Launch Pad, a co-working space located in the Hahne & Co building on Halsey Street. The event, held at the Launch Pad Newark on Wednesday night, featured a live band,... Read More

The New Fathers of Technology

Today, users of a multitude of mobile and desktop applications regularly take advantage of Voice over Internet Protocol technology. Many popular communication apps, from Cisco Systems’ WebEx to Skype, trace their lineage back to technology pioneered by Alon Cohen. VoIP uses IP to transmit real-time voice communications, and its foundation dates back several... Read More

3 Keys to an Effective Social Media Presence

Your startup might be lurching along without much capital, but that doesn’t mean you can drop off the grid. Your business needs social media, and, fortunately, you don’t have to drain your account to get a big boost from today’s hottest platforms. You just have to be strategic without becoming... Read More

Make 2018 the ‘Year of the Business Travel Hack.’ Here Are 4 to Get You Started.

Even entrepreneurs who wouldn’t necessarily designate themselves “traveling businesspeople” aren’t immune to traveling for work. In fact, of the millions of trips Americans take annually, 16 percent are at least partially for business purposes, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Read full article here > Read More

Next Time You Want to :) a Customer, Think Twice

This may seem like a ridiculous question, but it’s one many business people should ask as popular communication tools such as Slack and WhatsApp blur the line between messaging and social media. Read full article here > Read More

3 Steps to Creating an Effective Mission Statement

Despite lower unemployment rates and a stronger market, the startup slump is very real. Shortly before the recession in 2006, more than 550,000 businesses opened their doors. In 2015, the most recent year surveyed by the U.S. Census Bureau, that number was 414,000. Read full article here > Read More

In love with your pajamas? Learn how to work from home effectively

For the past several years, remote work seemed to be the holy grail of the 21st-century workforce. The opportunity to work from anywhere in the world provides employees with increased work-life flexibility and broadens the talent pool from which employers can draw. Yet, it seems there's a backlash brewing. Read... Read More

3 Keys to Success for the Mobile Entrepreneur

Not long ago, being an entrepreneur required some sort of traditional office to network, accomplish daily tasks, and even establish credibility in the business world. But as the marketplace has grown more mobile — from laptops to the internet to smartphones — and conference-calling tools and other digital communication platforms... Read More

Everyone Needs Vacation: 3 Steps to a Smart Recharge

Entrepreneurial workaholics often don't feel comfortable taking time off, but rest is just as important as working. Here's how to better prepare for unplugging. Although entrepreneurs like to test the limits of how little sleep they can get, their high-stress lifestyles can harm productivity. Read full article here > Read More