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Modern legal professionals need to be connected and accessible from wherever they happen to be. With our mobile applications, video conferencing capabilities, and more than 50 business phone system features, is the ideal solution for any law practice.


With, you can keep your commitments to clients, work seamlessly with your team, and collaborate with outside counsel for a fraction of the cost of traditional phone systems.

Law firm phone system

Voice. Video. Text. Colaboration. comes with more than 50 advanced features to streamline communications and help you provide outstanding service to clients. 

How Can Phone.Com Help?

Never Miss a Call with Call Handling Rules

With’s call routing feature, you can define call routing rules by time of day and day of week. Send incoming calls to in-house staff during regular business hours, and forward after-hours calls to an external phone or a professional answering service.


Record Calls for Accuracy and Compliance

Get the full story with clear, complete audio recordings, and customize your inbound and outbound call recording settings at any time.​


Work From Anywhere mobile apps bring all your cloud communication features together with the added benefit of making calls over your carrier network or using data coverage or Wi-Fi. Apps are available for iOS and Android.


Safe, Secure Video Conferencing’s solution for government agencies allows for sensitive and highly confidential information to be sent and received by anyone, at any time, from every corner of the world. Learn more about how local governments benefit from

Law office phone system
Law office phone system

Why do Law Firms turn to

Law firms come in all sizes and specialties, but having powerful business communications at your fingertips is essential for any attorney and all supporting staff. That’s why law firms rely on


Whether you’re a law office with a team of 20 or your practice is just you, you conduct client meetings, make court appearances, and have conference calls that require both mobility and reliability.


Lawyers are always on the move, bouncing between meetings in offices and appearances in court. Attorneys and staff should have the flexibility to make calls on their business lines both inside and outside of the office.


Law firms must manage all communications while appearing polished and professional. The legal field is competitive with high stakes, and clients have many options to choose from. Having communications features that keep your team available and connected makes clients feel valued and creates the impression of competence.

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