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Features Overview

Keep in touch with your customers & colleagues, friends & family, through the suite of features available for virtual phone numbers.

Talk/HD Voice

Enjoy crystal-clear conversations. That is, unless you’ve got peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth.


Every User Extension comes with its own conference bridge for up to 500 participants. Never second-guess that group call again.

Call Recording

Reliable call recording for your entire account, or selective call recordings, based on number or extension.

Group Messaging

Initiate and moderate a group chat over SMS with our mobile app. Your thumbs are more powerful than you think.

Text Messaging (SMS)

Text messages sent to your number can be received and displayed in your account inbox. Forwarded messages will display on your cell phone like any regular SMS.


Send, receive and save fax files directly from your account. It’s simple. And you never have to hear that annoying beee-dooooo-rrrerrk-bzzzz again.

Pick any phone to use for your new online phone number

Basically any internet-connected communication device will work with’s virtual numbers.

Any Traditional Phone

No need to buy a new phone–use the one you have. Use any traditional analog telephone with using our Analog Telephone Adapter.


Use your computer as your phone extension with Communicator software. Just download, install and you’re ready.

Ring-Ready IP Phones

Phones purchased directly from come pre-configured, ready to work the moment they’re plugged into your network.

Mobile Phones

Any smartphone or mobile phone. Basically, if you can get a dial tone, it’ll work with

Communicate better with anyone, anywhere anytime is a provider of reliable & affordable local, long-distance and international calling service. With’s professional line of products it will be easier than ever for you to connect with clients, colleagues, family and friends.

Local and Long Distance

Reliable business phone service business phone service down the street, around town or cross country. We got ya covered.


Connect across the pond or around the world. We’ll make sure your connection is clear. See our International rates.

Internet phone number - The right choice for small businesses

An online phone number – also referred to as VoIP (Voice Over IP) – is the ideal solution for small businesses and freelancers that don’t wish to invest in a full-blown phone system.

Basically, there’s no reason today for businesses of any size to make the effort and connect to a physical communication infrastructure. Those days have passed. Even if you’re still favors voice calls over emails, fax over attachments, those solutions are present in’s solution as Virtual Fax Number, Virtual Telephone Number. The departure from the reliance on hardware allows virtual phone software to answer any need that arises from the user side.

The options are almost limitless; if you need an additional phone number you can get one instantly. Same goes for a secondary virtual mobile number to receive SMS on the go; this is ideal for those who want to keep their personal number for, well, personal use or individuals who work for more than one company and need to be able to answer the phone with proper salutations.

Those are flexible times we live in. Flexible times require flexible solutions. And nothing is more flexible than a virtual phone number, either for your business or personal use.

FAQ about usability, features and functionality

Yes, you can! If you have a desk phone in your office that you’d like to use for your virtual business phone numbers and service, our Customer Service team will gladly help you set it up.

Since there are numerous device makers and models, you’ll need to verify with one of our representatives that your phone model works with our service. We do our best to provide support for as many models as possible, but we can’t cover every desk phone system ever made. Our Customer Service team will help you configure your device settings, add the device to your account and help you set up your line.

If your phone doesn’t work with our service for some reason, we have a wide range of phones and adapters for purchase. Learn more about this at our Support Center here.

Forwarding calls that come in to your virtual number is priority numero uno and the first action you will need to perform in your account settings. Calls to your number can be routed to a number of extension types, including:

  • Your mobile phone or an IP desk phone
  • Your communicator softphone (phone software installed on your computer)
  • Your business menu or voicemail

Regardless of where you forward your number to, the actions you take will be similar for each process. Instructions for how to forward calls to an extension or another phone line, can be found here. offers multiple toll-free and vanity number types to enhance your new virtual phone system. Both types offer valuable benefits for your business.

A toll-free number is a phone number that offers free calling for the caller. The cost of the incoming call is charged instead to the toll-free numbers’ subscriber.

Vanity numbers are great because they’re easy to remember and they can spell out something of importance for your business, for example, 1-800-POPCORN or 1-800-GET-INFO.

We offer two types of vanity numbers:

  • Vanity Local: These numbers use local area codes and the caller pays for the call.
  • Vanity Toll-free: These numbers use toll-free prefixes like 800 or 888, and calls to the number are free for the caller.

Learn how to add a Toll-Free Number at our support center here.

Absolutely! Your new internet phone number is equipped to notify you when you get a message, so you can have a seamless communication experience, no matter your location. If you’d like to be notified when you receive a new voicemail, fax or SMS message, you can follow the easy step-by-step instructions in our Support Center here.

Your virtual phone system come equipped with Schedule functionality that can specify the time period your virtual phone number will ring, or have calls outside of your business hours go directly to voicemail or another extension. Setting it up is simple! Review the step-by-step process right here, at our Support Center.

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