Tips and Tricks

How Toll-Free Numbers Work and Why Your Business Should Have One

  Remember phones? Like, real ones. Not the 4K video-computers we have in our pockets. I’m talking about ones where there were actual buttons with number that you had to dial. We’ve come a long way from landlines, cordless & car phones. And we’ve also come a long way when... Read More

The Best Ways to Use Instagram For Your Business

  It’s a foregone conclusion that your business should be using social media. But which social media platform is best for you? We don’t know the answer to that for you. What we do know is that Instagram in the last two years jumped from 800 million to one billion... Read More

Here’s Why Your Business Should Be Texting Your Customers

  Texting has, to put it lightly, become a dominant force in our lives. We text on the subway, in movies, on dates, and even some are silly enough to still do so while driving. [Editor’s note: don’t!] There are even multiple apps for text message-based therapists.   The point... Read More

Dial-by-Name Directories and How They Can Help Your Company Today

  In business, to have success and longevity in the ever-crowded, ever-expanding marketplace, it helps to have razor-sharp instincts. On the other hand, when your instincts may be not as honed, there is another resource just as essential if not more so: statistics. When thinking about your customer base and... Read More

Why Your Business Needs a Local Number

  Having a local presence can be vital to your business. Just take a look at the statistics from 2018’s Small Business Saturday. According to, the nationwide initiative after the Thanksgiving holiday brought in a record-high $17.8 billion in sales. Furthermore, the survey from American Express found that 70%... Read More

How Call Recording Can Help Your Business Today

There are many reasons for wanting to record a call. Whether you’re a lawyer, therapist, realtor, notary, call center, utility company, bank, etc.—there are many types of businesses that rely on call recording to keep a record of conversations for legal or monitoring purposes. If you don’t currently record calls... Read More

How Call Notifications Improve Phone Etiquette in the Office

  It’s a foregone conclusion that our mobile phones are both indispensable and, seemingly, the cause of the lion’s share of our distractions at work and in our personal life. Ride any subway or find your seat on the plane and you’ll walk by countless faces illuminated by the bright... Read More

Put Down Your Phone and Get Some Work Done

    We’re all distracted. I’m distracted even writing this. With Slack messages and email, baby pictures, Instagram, laundry, and the unending news cycle. Plus a whole lot more. A CareerBuilder survey back in 2016 found that after questioning just over 3,000 employees, 66% said they check or use their... Read More

Why You Should be Using Voicemail to Email for Your Business

As an owner of one or more businesses, your life is constantly full of mobile multi-tasking. You’re called away from the office all the time, you’re on the road, you’re just not available. You need some flexibility. Thanks to’s Voicemail to Email service, you have that...and then some. This... Read More

How to Ensure a Successful Product Launch

  You started your first business. Congratulations! After a bit of transition into this new life, your company has gained some traction. You’ve got a few new employees, customers are happy, and everything is going swimmingly. But you’re getting the itch—that idea you had way back when has finally been... Read More

Here’s Why You Should Stop Using Your Personal Number as Your Business Number…

  So you just started your first small business. Your LLC is registered, you hired a couple employees, and you even got your business cards. There’s only one problem…you decided to use your personal number. There are more than enough moving parts in starting a company and the last thing... Read More

Tips for Preventing Robocalls

  One minute you’re being productive at work and the next your phone rings incessantly with an unknown number and your voicemail starts to pile up with cryptic messages asking for money or slick scripts about a fantastic offer you can’t miss. It’s annoying, but more so, it’s illegal.  ... Read More

Feature Spotlight: Call Forwarding & Follow Me Calling

  A key feature of the service is Call Forwarding. Given that lots of our customers are small business owners or sole proprietors, this feature gives you the power of control – to direct inbound calls to single or multiple phone numbers, including your home, office, cell phones, etc., anywhere in the... Read More

5 Ways to Engage with Your Customers Online

In the age of instant communication, it’s easier than ever to reach potential customers, current customers, and everyone else in between. Whether it’s through a conversation on Facebook, an email with a disgruntled customer, or a tweet about your excellent service, it’s hard to overstate how important it is to... Read More

Tips to Maximize Your Small Business Facebook Page

Whatever your opinion is these days about social media, it’s hard to overlook its power for businesses in the digital space. 20 years ago the advertising landscape was wildly different, but thanks to the Internet, a de facto free website like Facebook changes the entire game. Now businesses are able... Read More

5 Great Podcasts to Help Your Small Business

It’s easy to get caught up in all the challenges of creating, running, and growing a successful small business. It’s also easy to feel isolated, like your hiccups or shortcomings are only unique to you. Luckily there are so many resources available to help guide you along the way, and... Read More

Are You Planning Your Day for Maximum Success?

Everyone wants to be successful, even if we all have different definitions of success. Some view success as amassing wealth and power, others view it as seeing a dream come true or becoming their own boss. Regardless of how you define success, you’re unlikely to find it by simply waiting... Read More