Tips and Tricks

How to Use the Do Not Disturb Phone Feature to Your Benefit

There are times when you just can’t be disturbed at work. Maybe you’re in a meeting, maybe you’re working on a sensitive project… whatever it is that you’re doing, you don’t need to be interrupted. You can tell your assistant not to let anyone bother you or post a notice... Read More

What Does Working Remotely Mean for You?

Some people see working from home as a dream come true, imagining days spent working in pajamas and only tackling tasks when they feel like it. The reality of working remotely is a bit different, of course. While you do have more control over your schedule, you still have deadlines... Read More

How to Better Manage Stress While Running a Business

Running a business isn’t easy. The stress of keeping your business running and your employees happy can really start to wear you down after a while. In some cases, this can actually lead to a decline in your health because of the ongoing stress that you’re subject to. There has... Read More

Do You Have Any of These Bad Business Habits?

Business owners often develop a number of habits as a result of how they run their businesses. Some of these habits are good, helping them to drive the company forward and ensure that everything keeps running smoothly. Other habits aren’t so good, however, and can actually start to hinder the... Read More

4 Reasons to Consider Influencer Marketing for Your Small Business

Have you heard of influencer marketing? If you run a small business, it might not be a concept that you’re familiar with. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look into it, however. Influencer marketing might be just the thing that your small business needs to take its sales to the... Read More

How Will You Be Bettering Your Customers’ Experience This Year?

Making sure that your customers have a good experience with your business is one of the most important parts of being in business. If you’ve never thought about how you could improve your customers’ experience, it’s about time that you sat down and gave it some consideration. After all, without... Read More

The Connection Between How You Use the Phone and the Success of Your Business

You’ve probably never considered how the way that you use your phone could influence the success of your business. After all, the two things seem so disconnected that there’s no reason to think that one might affect the other. As it turns out, though, there is actually a direct connection... Read More

5 Tips for Doing Business on Your Smartphone

There are a lot of ways that you can make yourself more successful in the business world. Choosing the right business card design, learning the proper way to tie a tie and mastering the art of negotiation will all take you far. There is one tool that can give you... Read More

6 More Tips for Doing Business on Your Smartphone

We previously talked about how you can make your smartphone a vital part of your business life by learning better ways to use it for business. This is a massive topic, however, and it seems like every day there’s some new app or feature that changes how we use our... Read More

Using Voicemail to Email to Power Up Your Messaging Process

As a business owner, you know just how important it is to be able to access your messages in a timely manner. This flexibility is especially important when you’re away from the office and have your calls directed to your voicemail. By the time you get back to the office... Read More

Innovation Corner: All About Video Conferencing

Welcome to the latest installment of “Innovation Corner.” Here, we dig into the expertise of Alon Cohen, our CTO and Executive VP, and share insider tips, lesser-known features and fun ideas on how to get the most out of your phone system and your account. We’re all about flexibility,... Read More

5 Tips for Using On-Hold Music to Entertain Waiting Callers

We’ve all been put on hold and had to listen to all kinds of hold music. Depending on how long the hold lasts, that music can make you all but want to abandon your call and try again at a later time. If you haven’t put any thought into your... Read More

Taking Vacation Even When You’re Self-Employed

When you work for someone else, you know that things will continue moving right along even if you take some time off of work. Even small business owners with a full staff can take time off and leave one of their employees temporarily in charge. When you’re self-employed, however, things... Read More

Innovation Corner – All About APIs

Service Spotlight: The API APIs, or Application Programming Interface, are a building block of communication between various software components. API is a broad term that refers to a communications protocol that can be accessed to extend, expand or in some way better services. Insider Insights: You don’t have to... Read More

Service Spotlight: Call Blocking

There are few things more annoying than unwanted calls, especially when the person on the other end of the line keeps calling again and again. Some people even find themselves harassed over the phone, with calls coming throughout the day and night to be as much of a nuisance as... Read More

Innovation Corner – Menus are Your Building Blocks

Welcome to the inaugural installment of’s “Innovation Corner.” With the help of Alon Cohen, our CTO and EVP, we will share insider tips, lesser-known features and fun ideas on how to get the most out of your phone system and your account. We’re all about flexibility, efficiency, ease... Read More

Seven Simple Habits to Make You a Better Human

Life can be hard. It can be frustrating. You may find yourself cursing under your breath at the person who cut you off in traffic, or the couple who’s child is too loud in the restaurant or the coworker who tells the same jokes all the time. There are so... Read More