Flexible Communications
for Growing Teams

Get "big company" features for a fraction of the cost

Using personal mobile phone numbers or free services like Google Voice may be okay for one-person operations, but when you have multiple employees or a more sophisticated business, you need a more robust solution.


Phone.com gives growing businesses the most valuable features of an enterprise phone system along with virtual phone numbers for a fraction of the price and none of the pain of implementing a complex solution.


The Phone.com VoIP solution is as advanced as more expensive, complicated systems but packaged to be just right for teams of 2 – 50.

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Voice. Call Management. Video. Text. Collaboration.

Phone.com has over 50 standard features to streamline communications, help your team provide outstanding customer service, and get business done.

How Can Phone.Com Help?

Pay for only what you need

While other solutions force you to pay for the same level of service for all team members, Phone.com lets you mix and match plans so that each person gets exactly the features they need and you don’t overpay.


System replacement

If you have a phone system that you have outgrown or simply isn’t working for you, we can help. We’ll help you transfer your existing business phone numbers to Phone.com, or you can choose new ones from our inventory of over 20 million phone numbers. If you use IP desk phones, the chances are excellent that we support them.


Hassle-Free implementation

Our straightforward administrator interface makes set-up quick and easy. Need help? We offer a full implementation with a specialist that can guide you through the process included at no additional cost. Use your mobile devices, PCs, and/or IP desk phones. There’s no hardware required, and mobile apps are available for iOS and Android.


Business practices that benefit you

There’s no long-term contract and a first 30-day money-back guarantee, making Phone.com a safe choice. We offer discounts for annual payments and for teams of 5 or more.


24 x 7 live human support

Phone.com is easy to use and manage, but for those times you need help, we have a team of experts standing by. You can reach us by phone, email, or online chat so you can stay focused on your business. Larger accounts also have dedicated Account Managers to ensure their success.

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Features that Growing Businesses Love

Video and audio conferencing: Every user enjoys access to our video conferencing platform, which includes screen and document sharing, meeting hat, moderator controls, and video recording. Meet with team members or customers without any setup or software to install.


Advanced call handling: With Phone.com, you can use our dial-by-name, auto attendant, and call routing rules to get your callers the help and information they need. You can even manage calls differently after business hours or on holidays.


Easy online account management: Upgrading or downgrading your account is easy and instant. You can add/remove users, assign phone numbers to team members, add call recording to your phone numbers, and review call logs, all with just a few clicks.


Communications management on any device: If your users prefer physical desk phones, great! Most Phone.com plans support them. Rather use a Mac or PC? No problem. Take, make, and manage calls right from your computer. Prefer to be untethered? Our iOS and Android apps let you stay connected on the go.



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