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There are some phone numbers that are so unforgettable that you find yourself singing them to yourself in the shower as part of a popular jingle or reciting them as you dial your favorite pizza place.

These vanity phone numbers are more than just numbers – they’re numbers that also spell out words. Instead of dialing 847-4992, you’re dialing 84-PIZZA and ordering a medium pepperoni with extra cheese because that’s what you have committed to memory.

It might seem silly, but we’re creatures wired to recognize patterns that make the world easier to remember and process. We as humans do this with everything, even phone numbers. So, even though a vanity number seems like another wasteful branding gimmick, it can actually be a huge marketing boon when chosen with the goal of making the number inseparable from your business.

Recalling a Vanity Number

Several years ago, a telephony company performed a study to determine if vanity numbers were actually more memorable than regular phone numbers.

They asked participants to look at visual marketing pieces and to listen to radio spots. After each, researchers would test participants’ ability to recall the phone numbers they saw. It wasn’t all that surprising that the numbers that spelled out words would be easier to remember, but what was surprising was just how memorable these numbers were.

When participants saw a vanity number in a visual ad, they were able to recall it 65 percent of the time, versus only 31 percent of the time for a standard number. The findings for audio ads were even more striking. A full 72 percent of participants could recall a vanity number they heard, versus only 5 percent who could recall the standard number.

Are you marketing your phone number to people who are likely to pick up the phone right away and call, or are they going to wait until they get off the freeway or out of the gym? If your phone number needs staying power, there’s nothing that beats the memorability of a vanity number.

Ordering a Custom Local Number

Custom local numbers are quick and easy for your business to add to your account.

We can help you find a catchy number that your local customers will recognize or add a number local to a secondary market so more customers can call you direct. Your custom local numbers each have a one-time fee for their acquisition, but once you’ve purchased your number, it’s yours to do with as you like. We’ll continue to maintain your numbers for $4.99 each per month for as long as you host with

It only takes about 24 hours to activate your new custom number. That’ll mean fewer wasted advertising dollars, more retained leads and a greater cash flow at the end of the month. Of all the investments a small business can make, a custom local number can be one of the most fruitful. Calling for a medium pepperoni is never going to be the same now that you understand the real power behind the simple and elegant custom local phone number.


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