Customer Stories

Coworking Breeds Collaboration at vi Innovation Hub

Coworking is on the rise, particularly in New Jersey, where collaborative ventures are springing up, giving traditional and nontraditional workers a place to harness inspiration and creativity. At vi Collaboration Hub, a venture coworking space located in the historic Bell Labs building in Holmdel, where live, work and play are... Read More

Building a New Future at Bell’s Iconic Holmdel Building

Walking into the atrium at the Bell Labs building in Holmdel, NJ, is a little like walking onto the set of a science fiction movie. You can easily envision a rocket ship bound for Mars or beyond being built right there in the lobby, with scientists and engineers scurrying around... Read More

City of Newark Moves to Cloud-based Phone Service

  Yesterday we announced a partnership with the City of Newark, the largest city in the State of New Jersey. Local government offices there are now using our cloud-based phone service in many departments and offices across town. City of Newark CIO Seth Wainer: “We formed a true partnership with that will indeed lead us... Read More

Cloud Telephony for the Growing Business

So you’ve gone from launching your business, to adding your first staff, and building a solid following. Your customers love what you do, so much so that demand is growing rapidly. The market is ready for you to duplicate your success in other locations. As your business grows, so does... Read More

Cloud Telephony for the Small Business

If you're the owner of a small company, you know the dilemma: There are seven or eight of you in the office, you all come and go, working different hours. You need a phone service that offers a common platform—with resources you can all share, features that serve your customers... Read More

Cloud Telephony for the Entrepreneur

  When you think about a business phone system, you probably imagine an outdated phone on a desk, or a call placed on hold while it's being transferred, or a light blinking to let you know there are a string of voice messages waiting for you? Definitely a phone on a desk in... Read More Communicator Tips for the Visually Impaired

  At, we have a phone that is not a phone. Let me explain. Our Communicator softphone lets you make and receive calls from any laptop or desktop computer connected to the Internet. No need for an office desk phone plugged into the wall. We have many customers who use... Read More

Customer Story: Reserving Personalized Phone Numbers for the Future

Vanity numbers are often used by businesses to make it easier for customers to remember a phone number. Think 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-858-FABRICS. Toll-free or local vanity numbers can also be used to spell out an individual's name, and a customer recently told us how she reserved six local vanity phone numbers for a... Read More

A Silent Customer Isn’t Always A Happy Customer

We frequently go through some of our larger customer accounts and call to check in and see how the service is working for them. On one occasion, I came across a large account. At first glance, I noted that they paid their bill each month and almost never called Customer Service.... Read More

American Family Crisis Ministry: Helping Families Get Back on Their Feet customer American Family Crisis Ministry is a faith-based organization in Pennsylvania that helps families in dire straits recover and move on. "We receive calls from families who have nowhere else to turn for help," says Bruce Norton, Chairman for the non-profit. "With, we are able to route those calls directly... Read More

Wanted: Robust Business Phone Service to Do Business in Washington

For any non-profit organization running an office in Washington, DC, operation costs can be a killer. Rent, keeping the lights on, marketing—and oh yeah, phone service. You need a really good business phone service if you're an international, grassroots organization like Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP). SSDP is a... Read More

Fun In The Sun With

It's summer time and you know what that means, we're all planning our summer vacations and hitting the beach with friends and family for some fun in the sun! With that being said, this week's customer testimonial shines brightly from C.O.T., Inc., a company that will satisfy all of your... Read More

Animation Hotline Gets Creative with

Most of our customers use to make business or personal calls, but New York animator and filmmaker Dustin Grella puts a creative spin on our service. Grella runs the Dusty Studio Animation House and one of his projects is the Animation Hotline, a series of short animations that use crowd-sourced voicemail messages... Read More

Use DomainSkate To Protect Your Brand has been a satisfied customer of for a few years now, making it that much better to connect with them at NY Tech Day two weeks ago. In fact, our booth was right across from's, giving us the opportunity to chat with their team and get outfitted... Read More

GreenFire Energy Makes the Switch to

GreenFire Energy is a small but growing renewable energy firm located in Salt Lake City, Los Angeles and the San Francisco bay area. Founded in 2010, GreenFire has worked to develop breakthrough CO2-based geothermal energy systems that produce clean, sustainable energy. They recently made the switch to and co-founder Randy... Read More

Our Customers Value Voicemails on the Go!

These days, more and more people are working out of their offices or in the field. Few companies need a receptionist or a physical answering machine to take messages. When you're on the go, makes it easy to get a voice message as soon as a caller leaves one... Read More

Small Business, Global Presence. Yes, You Can! makes it easy and affordable to support a business in several countries! Need virtual numbers in different regions and the ability to call internationally? For Ofelos Media, a client based in Cyprus, our phone service delivers all that and more! Ofelos Media offers business and marketing services that help... Read More