Amplify Your Brand
With A Toll-Free Phone Number

Give Your Business Instant Credibility

Saving money by calling toll-free numbers isn’t as much of a concern as it once was, but an 800, 888, or 877 number implies an established national business.


You can also choose from custom numbers that represent common words or phrases related to your brand, or easy-to-remember numeric sequences.

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Help Your Business Stand Out

Choosing a toll-free number signals to prospects that you’re as ready to do business as your biggest competitor.

Virtual phone system.

How do I get a toll-free number?

When you pick a plan and create your account, you can choose a local, toll-free, or custom phone number. Standard toll-free numbers are available at no extra charge. You’ll have thousands to choose from. Easy to remember, premium toll-free numbers are also available for an additional fee.

What is a toll-free vanity number?

Toll-free vanity numbers are custom phone numbers with one of the toll-free area codes, such as 800 or 888. The number can represent your business name, like 1-800-Flowers, or include  words relevant to your business, like, 1-800-Law-Firm. makes it easy to find a number that’s a perfect fit for your business.

Already have a number you love?

If you have a toll free number you love, you can connect it to your account. Transferring your existing toll-free number is simple. Just submit a transfer request and provide proof that the number is yours. We’ll take care of the rest!  Just remember, don’t cancel service with your current provider until your number transfer is complete.

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