VOIP Speed Test

The VoIP Speed Test will measure key performance indicators like Upload and Download Speeds, Jitter, and Latency/Delay.

Our experts will diagnose latency down to the millisecond using true socket-based and HTTP tests on your browser. We will also determine the traffic volume of inbound & outbound calls to see how your connection handles consistency. The VoIP test will also test jitter quality using ping time fluctuation.

In order to run The VOIP Speed Test Tool, please follow the following steps:

  1. Download and install the Visualware BCS client (it is required to run this test)
  2. Go to myvoipspeed.phone.com/myspeed/voiptest and start the test

Upload and Download Speeds

Connection capacity for inbound & outbound calls

Your network’s bandwidth has to be robust enough to handle VoIP call traffic. This is typically measured in bits transferred per second. To handle heavy and constant VoIP calls, enough bandwidth is needed to ensure the smooth transference of voice data in real time.

Our experts recommend 100 kbps per simultaneous call.

Note: be sure to verify the bandwidth that has promised by your network provider.


A sound quality issue that makes calls choppy

Since your voice is turned into digital packets through VoIP, there is potential for interruptions and packets not getting to the other side in the right order. Jitter is measured in milliseconds and is significant as callers will experience poor call quality

Our experts recommend < 3 ms in Jitter.


Latency, Delay - also known as Ping

A delay in sound transmission

The amount of time it takes for the sound of your voice to move from one phone to another is called Latency. Measured in milliseconds, latency diagnoses the amount of time it takes for packets of VoIP data to transfer. Differing from Jitter, Latency doesn’t typically lessen the sound quality but if over 150ms, callers will notice an issue.

Our experts recommend latency is <150 ms.


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