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The Benefits of Video Conferencing for a Remote Workforce

In the digital age it’s as easy as ever to create and build a (successful) company. But with streamlined access to the internet comes the heightened challenges of keeping up in an increasingly crowded marketplace saturated with content. That coupled with the ever-changing demands of a mobile workforce have forced... Read More

5 Current Trends in Remote Work

Working remotely is increasingly popular these days, with employers and employees alike discovering the benefits of working away from the office. That said, remote work today isn’t the same as it was 10 or even five years ago. New trends in remote work are transforming the business world, and those... Read More

7 Team-Building Activities to Keep in Mind for Increased Efficiency and Camaraderie

When you think of “team-building activities” you likely picture trust falls, cheesy motivational speeches and forced participation in boring office games. While developing teamwork and improving office camaraderie is important, the team will only improve if its members actually enjoy the activities. If everyone’s miserable, no one is going to... Read More

7 Tips for Better Attracting and Engaging Remote Workers

Though not every company allows it, there are distinct benefits to working remotely. Remote employees are often more productive, have higher degrees of job satisfaction and may be more likely to come up with unique solutions to problems. There are benefits for companies as well, since companies that hire remote... Read More

What Does Working Remotely Mean for You?

Some people see working from home as a dream come true, imagining days spent working in pajamas and only tackling tasks when they feel like it. The reality of working remotely is a bit different, of course. While you do have more control over your schedule, you still have deadlines... Read More

Do You Have Any of These Bad Business Habits?

Business owners often develop a number of habits as a result of how they run their businesses. Some of these habits are good, helping them to drive the company forward and ensure that everything keeps running smoothly. Other habits aren’t so good, however, and can actually start to hinder the... Read More

Are Remote Workers Being Called Back to the Office?

There’s been a major trend in recent years for companies to allow some or all of their employees to work remotely. There are a variety of reasons why a company might let its employees telecommute; not only can the practice save money for both the company and the employee, but... Read More

Top Entrepreneur Richard Branson Tells Parents to Work from Home If Possible

Richard Branson, creator of the Virgin media empire, is well known for taking risks and living his life to the fullest. This approach to entrepreneurship has paid off well for Branson, as he is well known as one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the modern age. While speaking to... Read More

6 Questions to Ask When Allowing Employees to Work from Home

Allowing employees to work from home is a growing trend that shows little signs of stopping or slowing down. The feasibility of remote work depends on the industry you operate in, of course, as some lend themselves to remote work easier than others. Still, it’s possible that your company might... Read More

Honoring the Legacy of MLK remembers the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on this day. We hope you all have a chance to contemplate on his words, "Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'" Looking for things to do with your children for MLK Day? Here are... Read More

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from! May 2018 bring you  happiness, success and great phone service! Read More

Happy Holidays from

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the family to yours! Read More

Why U.S.-based Customer Support Matters – A Lot

Many customers hate having to call customer support. The increasingly popular trend of outsourcing customer support often means that support calls are going to end up going to the lowest bidder… and this often means that they’re going overseas. The customer support experience is then made up of language barriers,... Read More

It’s Customer Service Appreciation Day at

Very early in the development of as a business, we made an important decision that we believe was vital to our success. That decision was to have all our support teams right here in the U.S. While it’s more expensive than outsourcing support to India or some other country,... Read More

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Fourth of July from the family to yours! Stay safe and have fun while enjoying the cookouts, family gatherings and fireworks. If you're looking for a local fireworks show, be sure to check the Internet for locations and restrictions. Read More

Be Thankful and Enjoy Memorial Day

We hope our U.S. customers are enjoying a safe and fun Memorial Day! Let's remember to be thankful for the sacrifices made on our behalf. Read More

Happy Holidays From the Family to Yours

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