Dial-by-Name Directories and How They Can Help Your Company Today

  In business, to have success and longevity in the ever-crowded, ever-expanding marketplace, it helps to have razor-sharp instincts. On the other hand, when your instincts may be not as honed, there is another resource just as essential if not more so: statistics. When thinking about your customer base and... Read More Feature Spotlight: Video Conferencing

It seems like we all live through video these days. Whether it’s Snapchat or Instagram, Vimeo or YouTube, video dominates all the facets of our lives. It certainly helps, of course, having a high quality camera ready to go right in your pocket. Video has also revolutionized the ever-changing workplace.... Read More

What is a BAA (Business Associate Agreement) and Why Do I Need One?

Here at we’re not only proud to deliver top notch business class phone service to a diverse group of small businesses, we’re also able to legally protect the sensitive information handled by medical professionals with our HIPAA compliant coverage in our standard features. If you’re unfamiliar with that acronym or new... Read More

5 Benefits to Using VoIP In Your Medical Practice

Because of the sensitive information handled by a medical practice and the compliance requirements of HIPAA and HITECH, you have to be pretty picky when choosing new technologies for your office. This obligation is especially true when dealing with communication methods, since you certainly don’t want to accidentally expose confidential... Read More

How to Use the Do Not Disturb Phone Feature to Your Benefit

There are times when you just can’t be disturbed at work. Maybe you’re in a meeting, maybe you’re working on a sensitive project… whatever it is that you’re doing, you don’t need to be interrupted. You can tell your assistant not to let anyone bother you or post a notice... Read More Feature Spotlight: SMS Text Messages

SMS, more commonly referred to as text messaging, is a major part of modern life. In fact, it’s such a big part of both our personal and business lives that it’s easy to overlook SMS as a feature. Once upon a time, SMS was magical… the ability to send a... Read More CEO Rabban Looks Back at 2017, Ahead to the New Year CEO Ari Rabban takes a look back at 2017 and a quick look ahead at what's to come in 2018. Read More

Our New Pricing Plans Grow with Your Business has long been known as the top choice for entrepreneurs and “micro-businesses” with our pricing plans designed especially for that audience. As our entrepreneurs and micro-businesses expand, we’ve been able to offer them features that grow with them. To our original lineup, we’ve now added three new Unlimited pricing... Read More

How Small Business VoIP Pricing Works

VoIP services can be a huge boon to a small business. Not only does VoIP offer a flexibility that you won’t find with landline phone systems, but the pricing for small business VoIP services also beats just about any other small business phone service you might try. Here at,... Read More

Innovation Corner: All About Video Conferencing

Welcome to the latest installment of “Innovation Corner.” Here, we dig into the expertise of Alon Cohen, our CTO and Executive VP, and share insider tips, lesser-known features and fun ideas on how to get the most out of your phone system and your account. We’re all about flexibility,... Read More

Service Spotlight: The Address Book

Your contacts are important, and having an easy-to-use address book makes reaching out to connect with someone so much more convenient. Of course, this only does you so much good if you have to reenter your contacts on every device that you have. Fortunately, there’s a better way: Our address... Read More

New Yealink Cordless Phones

Two new phones have been added to the lineup, providing our customers with even more options for their business needs. The latest offerings from Yealink offer vibrant color displays, HD audio and support for multiple VoIP accounts. is one of the first VoIP providers to offer the Yealink W56P,... Read More

See the Status of Your Phones with Expansion Modules

It’s easy to see what other phones in your account are doing with just a glance. You can tell if a phone is ringing or if someone’s already on a call when you use our presence functionality. is pleased to announce the addition of expansion modules to our hardware... Read More

Celebrate the New Year with Our Award-Winning Business Phone Service

And right now you can get service for 20 percent off for 6 months with the code NEWYEAR20! Read More

Keep Your Focus with Call Screening

For most people, call screening means picking up their phone when it’s ringing and looking at the caller ID information. That might be enough if you just have one phone number, but what if you’re a small business with multiple numbers ringing through to your cell phone or desk phone?... Read More

Balance Life and Work Your Way

It seems that the more technology intertwines itself in our lives, the less time we have for ourselves. This was nowhere more apparent than a recent presentation I saw at the Asbury Agile conference where Jonnie Hallman, a Brooklyn-based freelance designer/developer explained how many times he had physical breakdowns from... Read More

Build Your Own Call Center in the Cloud

When you’re a sole proprietor or part of a really small team, too much success too fast can be overwhelming if you don't have a call center solution. What do you do when you're on a call with a customer looking to upgrade his service, then call waiting starts to beep... Read More