The Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Small Business Phone System

Small business phone system.

Small business phone system.

Upgrading your business’s phone system may seem like an unnecessary expense. After all, the current system still works, you might argue.

While it’s true, you might be able to make a few calls here and there, are you at par with your competition? Technology continually evolves, and moving with technology could give you that edge over your competition.

To keep up with consumer and employee demands, getting a new small business phone system might be a wise move.

In this article, we’ll look at a few telltale signs that your small business phone system needs an upgrade.

Types of Small Business Phone Systems

A phone system is essential for any business worth its name. There are basically three types of phone systems for businesses. The choice of phone system depends on the business type, size of the business, and the budget of the company in question.

Here are the three types of phone systems for businesses.

Private Branch Exchange (PBX)

Private branch exchange doesn’t use keys on a switchboard like key system units. Instead, it uses programmable switching devices. This automatic switching means it will automatically route incoming calls.

Because of this feature, PBX systems can comfortably support over 50 employees. Another excellent feature of PBX systems is that it works even with power interruptions. This is thanks to its integrated UPS support.

With UPS, the business can remain active without electricity for a while.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

VoIP is the most advanced system to date, and it’s also the latest. This phone system utilizes the internet to establish communication.

It’s possible to host your own system. The downside to this is that it’s pretty costly. The cost goes further up depending on the number of employees you have.

Alternatively, a service provider can host the VoIP system. If you opt for this option, you’ll significantly cut down the cost of installation, and you also don’t have to spend much on maintenance

Telltale Signs That Your Small Business Phone System Need an Upgrade

Your obsolete phone system could cost you a lot of money on repairs and maintenance. Not to mention, you’ll be steadily losing credibility with your customers.

Here are a couple of signs that you need to upgrade your phone system.

More People Are Calling Your Business

Your business is doing well, and lots of customers are now on the line. If you can’t accommodate your expanding customer base, you’ll definitely lose them. If your customers get used to the “no service” message or are instantly hung up, then you’re losing credibility.

United States companies lose about $62 billion to poor customer interaction. Upgrading your phone system is one way to ensure you aren’t among that total.

Hosting Companies No Longer Support Your Phones

This could be the most overt sign that you desperately need a phone system upgrade. Apart from that, you may find that your business’ phone units are no longer being produced.

Sometimes this lack of support may only seem like a temporary hitch before things are up and running again. However, it’s only a matter of time before all support stops.

Don’t put your business operations at risk. When you notice phones and other hardware no longer functioning, take the bold step, and upgrade your phone system.

You Need Data Protection

Obsolete phone systems are a breeze to hack and breach. With hackers getting cleverer by the day, not upgrading your phone system is pretty risky business.

Data breaches cost companies between $1.25 million and $8.19 million annually. Newer systems are far more secure.

Think of it this way. The more your system has been around, the more vulnerabilities hackers have discovered. Sticking around with your older system makes you pretty susceptible to these data breaches.

You Have Remote Employees

When you’ve made significant growth, you’re bound to have a few remote employees. The increase in the number of remote employees is spurred by the advent of cloud setups.

Nowadays, small businesses can enjoy plenty of benefits from cloud-based phone systems. These phone systems are especially ideal for expanding businesses because they can comfortably accommodate many remote employees.

It also allows you to integrate with other useful internet resources.

Upgrade Your Phone System or Eat Your Competitor’s Dust

Look around; you’ll see companies everywhere upgrading their phone systems. Especially with the start of a new decade, it presents the ideal time for a small business phone system upgrade.

To be on par with or ahead of the competition, it’s a great idea to upgrade your phone system. You’ll need the right people to give your phone system a good upgrade without draining your bank.

If you’re in need of professional phone system upgrades, contact us today and we’ll upgrade you to the latest phone systems.


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