Virtual Phone Systems for Startups: A Complete Guide

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Does your small business want the best deal and flexibility to make and receive phone calls?

In a recent survey, 60% of companies stated that a phone system was their top investment priority. Three-quarters of customers believe that phone calls will help them get a quicker response. And the majority prefer to talk to a person than to use a web form.

However, traditional phone systems are expensive and don’t offer the features that a modern small business needs.

The answer? A virtual phone system for startups.

This article provides a clear and simple guide to virtual phone systems. We explore what the service is and how it works. Outline the major benefits. And showcase the best virtual phone systems available.

What Is a Virtual Phone System?

If you’re starting up a business then a phone number is a must.

Some customers will choose to contact you using your website form but most want a human being to speak to. You already have a personal cell phone but you don’t want to mix business with your home life. Does that mean you need another phone to separate your calls?

Virtual phone systems offer the best option for your startup.

The top providers let you choose a new number including local, premium, and toll-free. They don’t use a separate line but route incoming calls to your existing phone online.

Think of a virtual phone system as a buffer between you and your customers.

You get to choose what happens when a call gets made. That includes which phone the call’s sent to and what happens if the line’s engaged.

How Does a Virtual Phone System Work?

The system harnesses the power of the Internet to send and receive calls instead of traditional phone lines and wires.

Providers operate on Cloud-servers or computers to handle all communications. There’s no having to install a second phone line or purchase another mobile phone.

When your customers or suppliers contact your business number, providers like receive the call. We then check to see where you want it routed and make it happen. It’s that simple!

You’re not limited to routing calls to a cell phone either.

The best virtual phone systems give you the choice of landline, VoIP handset, PC, laptop, and desk phone. You can log in to the secure control panel anytime you wish and edit your choice.

And you have the option to route to a secondary number if you’re already on a call.

Is VoIP the Same as a Virtual Phone System?

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP uses the same technology as a virtual phone system.

Yet VoIP is aimed at larger businesses that need more powerful features. That includes file sharing, video calling, and advanced set-up options.

A virtual phone system is perfect for one-person businesses, small teams, and freelancers.

Why? Because it saves them money, offers flexibility, and provides features like text messaging.

How much will you save by moving to a virtual system? What other benefits does it offer a start-up over VoIP? Read on to find out.

Benefits of a Virtual Phone System for Startups

Want to know what the top virtual phone systems can do for your small business? Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Lower costs
  • Flexible phone numbers
  • Call routing
  • Virtual call centers
  • In-depth reporting

How does $9.99 per month sound for 300 minutes, 2,000 text messages, and over 40 business features?

For that price, lets you select from millions of phone numbers to suit your needs. That includes local, premium, and toll-free numbers that are memorable and match your business plan.

Flexible routing means you get to choose where you want your calls to go. You don’t even need a phone!

Use your laptop to receive calls if your cell phone gets lost. Or install our app to access your account like a virtual call center. From there, you can view how many calls you received to help reach your marketing goals. is one of the best virtual phone system providers as our lowest tiered plan offers 40+ features. For an extra $5, you get 200 extra minutes, premium hold music, and our voicemail to text service.

Best Virtual Phone System for Small Business

Providers like make it very simple to get up and running in three simple steps.

First, you pick a plan.

Our Base Account package is ideal for start-ups with a limited budget. It includes an auto-attendant and call-screening to block nuisance calls.

For those with employees, the Unlimited Extension option offers unlimited minutes and texts. It also includes a one base video meeting host. Audio conferencing comes as standard with all our plans.

Second, choose your number.’s number engine helps you find the perfect number for your business. You can also request an easy-to-remember number.

Our customization service gives you the power to transfer your existing number onto our network. You can also select a ‘vanity number’ to make it easy for your customers to remember you.

Third, activate your virtual account.

Simply add your details to start using the service. You get a new number automatically and can start sending and receiving calls within minutes.

The system’s designed to suit any type and size of business.

Add additional extensions as required. Save forwarding phone numbers to your plan. Cancel whenever you wish as the contract is only 30 days. Virtual Phone Experience

Now that you know that a virtual phone system for startups is the perfect option, it’s time to call the professionals.’s virtual business phone system service provides high-quality calls and services at a low cost.

You no longer have to use your personal number to take calls. You have full control over how the system works. And our virtual network will ensure that you’ll never miss another customer call again.

Sign up for one of our pricing plans today.

See our top virtual phone systems in action. And have peace of mind with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

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