Why Should I Use an IP Phone for Business?  

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With the increase in remote working, it’s no surprise that a third of businesses use VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol phone services. This type of communications platform offers flexibility and lower costs that provide benefits for both employees and customers. Read on to learn more about what an IP phone for business service can do for your company.  

An IP Phone for Business Is Better for the Company  

Easy to Use 

The last thing you want to do when switching to a new communications provider is to add complications. IP phones for business are simple and easy to integrate into your business. For ultimate convenience, you can even keep your old phone number. 

Once you have the service, it’s also a breeze to use. You’ll find the standard phone service you’re used to, as well as other functions that make your life a bit easier and allow you to serve your customers better. 

Provide Additional Services 

We all know what to expect from a regular landline. With an IP phone for business, you’ll get what you like about a traditional phone, plus the modern services that your customers expect. Features include video conferencing, automated attendants, and text messaging, all musts in today’s hybrid working environments.  

Administrators also benefit from the modern convenience of a web-based system. They can easily and quickly add users or make other changes without in-depth training or assistance from IT.  

Portable Communications 

In 2021, the issue of Covid-19 and employee safety have made the portability of communications key to smooth operations for any business. Whether your business has an outbreak or is simply going remote to protect your workers, you will need a plan for how they’ll communicate with each other, clients, and suppliers.  

Since IP phones allow you to make calls from any location and with a variety of devices, your business will be able to transition to a work-from-home model smoothly, if necessary.  

Save Money 

If you have a global business, you know the pain of international calling fees, particularly if your employees use their mobile devices. Whether you’re contacting clients or coworkers, these costs can make a significant dent in your budget. Costs are even higher if employees need to make calls from abroad.  

IP phones for business offer a lower cost, often with better, more convenient service. 

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An IP Phone for Business Is Better for Employees 


Support Digital Nomads  

It’s no secret that more and more workers are taking advantage of the travel opportunities that remote working offers. If you want to attract and retain the best talent, you’ll need to provide flexibility in terms of working from home and other locations. 

Current employees will also benefit from an IP phone for business since they’ll have consistency in communications if they take advantage of unlimited PTO and other travel-related benefits.  

Work from Home 

The Covid-19 pandemic has shined a light on the hurried lives that modern employees live. Now millions of them are reconsidering their careers in what some are calling the Great Resignation. One of the biggest reasons cited for this cultural schism? A preference for working from home. 

Whether they want more time with their families, a break from commuting, or the ability to pursue hobbies, your employees may be considering a shift of their own.  

With an IP phone for business service, you can offer true flexibility to current and future employees. Even individuals with regular client contact, like salespeople, will have the communication tools they need to transition to working remotely easily. 

Promote Work-Life Balance 

Today’s worker is concerned with work-life balance, and that often starts with their phone. While giving personal phone numbers to professional contacts may be convenient, this decision can make it difficult to create boundaries and truly disconnect. 

IP phones for business allow employees to answer their business numbers on their personal phones to keep their personal and professional lives separate if they prefer. 

No Duplicate Phones 

Have you ever had both a work cell phone and a personal cell phone? If so, you’ll know the complications and inconvenience that this duplication causes. Using the wrong phone, carrying around two devices, and forgetting where you stored information or contacts are just a few of the frustrations that an IP phone can eliminate.  

Integrated apps allow for calls from a personal phone while using a work number, so workers only need one device. In addition to the added convenience, this option also eliminates the need for corporate cell phones and their associated costs.  

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An IP Phone for Business Is Better for Customers and Suppliers 

Improve Service 

Have you ever sent a text message to a business contact only to discover that the number was voice-only? Since customers and suppliers rightly expect companies to use modern technology, this issue can cause confusion, frustration, and a negative experience.  

At the same time, many people no longer want to respond to voice calls. Being tied to a voice-only phone can negatively affect your ability to reach customers who prefer to text. 

With special features like text messaging, voicemail-to-email, and conference calls, IP phones for business can provide an even richer experience than a traditional phone service. This improvement can result in better service, greater efficiency, and increased customer loyalty.   

Control Over Phone Numbers  

Without a dedicated work phone number, many remote employees may choose to use their personal phone number to connect with clients, suppliers, potential job candidates, and more. This decision can cause security risks, as well as confusion and a loss of confidence in professional contacts if the employee leaves the company.  

IP phones eliminate this issue while maintaining the convenience of an internet-based phone system. Since your company is in charge of the account administration, you control the users and their access.  

More Exposure to Customers 

Have you ever had to follow up a sales or client call with an email just because you couldn’t send a link or document by text message? If so, you might have experienced first-hand the low open rate for emails. In fact, recipients only open 17% of emails they receive. Compare that to a remarkable 98% open rate for text messages. 

If you’re only following up with email, you’re likely missing out on business opportunities and better customer service. With an IP phone, you can send quotes, attachments, and media where the intended reader will actually see it: as a text.  

Choosing an IP phone for business service can positively impact many aspects of your company, from budgeting and operations to human resources and customer relations. At Phone.com, we have more than a decade of experience helping businesses get the most out of VoIP. Our communications system is easy to use and affordable, with more than 50 features.  

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