Turning Conferences from Yawn to Yes! Livecube and Phone.com

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Livecube app on a tablet


Ever attend a conference where people mill around, slowly take their seats, and then mess around on text or Twitter until the session gets underway?

In the past, you may have wanted to reach out to someone you met at a trade show but didn’t quite catch their names. And what was the name of that startup that was giving away free fruit bars—energoji? energoh? energoo?

Hello Livecube!

Livecube solves these problems and many more. Billed as the event app that does it all, the social platform is all about audience participation and engagement.

Livecube brings together event scheduling, photo and Twitter feeds, event polling and gamification, all in one interface—drawing participants into the action at events, instead of leaving them wandering the periphery.

How Does It Work?

Attendees sign into the app when they arrive, and start actively participating, sharing photos and thoughts, commenting on sessions, and vying for prizes. At a recent event for a well-known Fortune 10 company, Livecube had a 100 percent participation rate, with 183 attendees logging 2382 session check-ins, an average 33 tweets per user, and 13303 reposts!

“Tweeting and replying might get you up on the event leaderboard, submitting a comment could get you in on an important sidebar discussion, and completing an activity just might win you a Starbucks card,” says Justin Schier, co-founder of the barely two-year old company.

He adds that gamification is the component that ties it all together in the present—that makes it worthwhile for attendees while they’re at an event.

Livecube on mobile


Once you leave a conference or trade show, Livecube acts as a repository—a place attendees can go to recall details and find people. It’s also an invaluable archive for the organizers of the event, a record of who participated in which sessions and which sponsors were the most popular. The platform also generates great participant feedback, survey information and candid event photos.

Back in early 2013, Schier and co-founder Gabe Zichermann understood that gamification and social media were driving forces for engagement. “You’d see people at conferences, distracted by their phones and not quite sure how to interact with the other people around them … who were strangers really,” says Zimmerman. “Livecube gives event organizers a way to reach attendees in real time and have them engage in productive ways, through personal technology and gaming.”

Partners in Technology

And this is where Phone.com comes in. Yes, we have an angle on this story. One component Livecube wrestled with, was a way for event organizers to send notifications directly to participants’ phones. If a panel discussion had been delayed, you’d want to be sure that every single person who’d registered for the session knew that. If organizers needed a small group of reporters to check in for their press passes, you wouldn’t want to broadcast that to all conference participants.

Phone.com’s SMS function was a great match, allowing event facilitators to send a text notification to one or many in a targeted and immediate way.

“This was the solution we were looking for,” says Justin Schier. “Phone.com SMS is a simple text component that integrates well and just works.”

For our part, we’re excited to be part of a platform that’s totally disrupting and energizing the conference and event space. As you know, Phone.com is all about communicating better, and Livecube clearly helps its users connect!

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