How to Use the Do Not Disturb Phone Feature to Your Benefit

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There are times when you just can’t be disturbed at work.

Maybe you’re in a meeting, maybe you’re working on a sensitive project… whatever it is that you’re doing, you don’t need to be interrupted. You can tell your assistant not to let anyone bother you or post a notice on your door, but what do you do if someone calls your direct line? Unless you plan on simply shutting off your phone, you need to have some other way to ensure that no one is going to bother you while you work.

This is where our Do Not Disturb feature comes in. Once activated, any calls that come in to your number are routed directly to your voicemail without causing your phone to ring. This capability ensures that you have control over when you’re disturbed by calls and when you’re not.

Here are just a few of the ways that you can use this feature to your benefit:

Meeting Privacy

If you’re in an important meeting, you don’t need your phone to ring in the middle of it and throw everything off.

This is especially important if you forward calls to your mobile phone when you’re away from the office, since having your phone go off in your pocket during a meeting can be quite embarrassing. Activating Do Not Disturb prevents that, automatically shifting any incoming calls to your voicemail where you can check them later.

Enforcing Quiet Hours

You shouldn’t receive any calls during quiet hours, but sometimes things go wrong and a call gets sent through anyway. This is especially likely if your assistant is out sick or you make use of colleagues who might not know your quiet hours procedure.

If you turn on Do Not Disturb, though, it doesn’t matter who tries to patch a call through to you. Unless you approve the call and turn the feature off, anyone who’s sent over to your line will simply wind up in your voicemail instead. If the issue is important, the caller will either leave a message or find someone else to contact about the issue.

Integration with Call Handling Rules

We offer a number of call handling options with our VoIP business services, and Do Not Disturb integrates well with all of them.

Because you’re able to set up features like Do Not Disturb and our other call handling rules in your online account, you can specify different actions for the Do Not Disturb feature. If you have other call handling rules already set up, you can opt to skip the voicemail and simply let the next rule take over. This can be especially useful if you’ve set up a rule that will direct the call to someone else that can handle it for you.

Call Center Efficiency

If your company has its own call center or customer service department, setting up Do Not Disturb makes it easy to keep calls coming through even when some of your agents are away from the desk.

By activating Do Not Disturb in conjunction with preset rules, additional calls that come in will simply be routed to other call center numbers. Once your employee returns, Do Not Disturb can be shut down and the line will be operational once again.

One-Touch Activation

Some of our VoIP phones are designed with our Do Not Disturb feature in mind.

There’s no need to log in to your account to turn the feature on, since the phone itself features a button where you can toggle Do Not Disturb on and off with a single touch. Even if you do have to go into your account, the feature can be turned on with a click.

Easy Account Management

As with our other 50+ features, Do Not Disturb is fully configurable from within your account. Access your account settings from your computer, smartphone or other device to instantly have access to Do Not Disturb and all of the other features that you use on a regular basis.

You can also set, remove or edit any call handling rules with ease and make other changes to your phone function without having to contact anyone or wait for changes to take effect. It really is that easy.

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