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In every industry there are many stories about companies that start carelessly spending money on superfluous things such as signing long leases on luxurious office space, furniture and equipment, hosting huge launch parties and events, getting a brand-new sports car as a company car, and the list of unwise decisions goes on until reality inevitably catches up to them and the company collapses completely.

On the other hand, there are businesses who look to cut their costs as close to zero as they can get away with, even at the expense of the quality of their product or service. These companies will use free email accounts for all employees, they will build a website on a free service and never upgrade or get their own domain, their living room doubles as their office space, they use their personal phone as their business number, and they will meet clients at noisy coffee shops.

This is also not the right way to go, because it makes it almost impossible for anyone to be able to take this business seriously. This leads to difficulty finding clients, setting up meetings, growing a network, or even making a single sale.

Now, it is important to be very careful about every dollar that is invested into a business – this is especially true for startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers – but it is also true that being too fearful about spending money can also be a losing strategy.

So, the ideal investment strategy involves items that contribute towards building a strong company while keeping costs reasonably low. Although this might seem like a difficult balancing act to perform, in today’s world there are plenty of high quality, highly customizable, cost effective solutions that you can take advantage of.

These days with just a few clicks you can set up a virtual office with its corresponding business address anywhere in the world. You can also book a meeting room whenever and wherever you might need one, and for as long as you need it too. These low-cost, high-value services pair exceedingly well with the services offered by, as they create a professional business presence for even the smallest business and help even the fastest growing company achieve efficiency.

Although these services are great on their own, they really excel when they are used together. Here are a few ways that business addresses, conference room services and business phone systems complement each other:

Easily Scalable

Your needs will change as your business grows and accommodating these changes can be a challenge when you are constrained to rigid solutions such as long leases on office space, a meeting room that you can’t really do much about, or a business phone system that is difficult to expand. With modern virtual offices, conference room services, and business phone systems scaling is a smooth process. All you need to do is book a bigger conference room for your next meeting and add more users to your existing phone system with just a few clicks.

Establish Credibility

In terms of credibility having a professional business address at a well-known office building is better than using your home address to market your company, booking a meeting room to meet with clients is better than using a coffee shop for the same purpose, and having a business phone number is better than using your personal phone number. But although having just one of these helps boost your credibility with potential clients and investors, it is by covering all your bases that you can be sure that this credibility remains solid.

Enhance Your Marketing Efforts

In online marketing, having the right data can help your business tremendously. Search engines and social media algorithms crawl the entire internet in search of the data they use to determine if your company is valuable for their users or not. So having a professional business address and having a business phone number that are both registered to your company can help you rank higher and attract more customers.

Easily Enter New Markets

If you are looking to expand your operations to a new city or even a new country, having these three tools can make this process much easier than what was possible just a few years back. Imagine the same complications of having to sign a long lease on an office space that you guess will be adequate for your plans and getting the local phone company to set up a new set of connections for every employee. This was not only expensive, but it also took a long time. And if your plans involved a different country, then you also had to deal with local customs, bureaucracy, and even a different language. Now it is just a matter of selecting a new address, wherever in the world it makes sense to your business and setting up a new international phone number and what used to take months, can now be done in less than a week.

These are just a few ways that a professional business address, a conference room service, and a business phone system can be used together to enhance the robustness of your entire operation.


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