City of Newark Moves to Cloud-based Phone Service

City of Newark


Yesterday we announced a partnership with the City of Newark, the largest city in the State of New Jersey. Local government offices there are now using our cloud-based phone service in many departments and offices across town.

City of Newark CIO Seth Wainer:

“We formed a true partnership with that will indeed lead us to many opportunities in the year and years to come that all take advantage of 21st century communications.

What is unique about this deployment, is that it serves the different needs of each department—from the city call center to police precincts, all with their own special needs, and all from the same platform with centralized management.”

At, we know the flexibility of our features and the scalability of our platform are well suited to the growing needs of government. Cloud-based phone service offers many benefits:

Cost Savings

CIO Seth Wainer notes that the city was looking to update the phone service used at various departments, as well as reduce the total cost of phone-service ownership. With VoIP phone service, municipalities typically pay the cost of their Internet service (which is needed to support data services anyway) plus a low flat rate for the phone service. IP desk phones are not expensive and usually come preconfigured with many of the features you’d pay more for with a traditional phone carrier.

Instant Scalability

With Internet-based service, there is no waiting for phone technicians to run cable or configure account or billing settings—you simply add, remove or reconfigure phone extensions as needed. As departments split or merge, it’s easy to reconfigure extensions, queues and menus quickly. And apart from maintaining basic network infrastructure and the cost of any new desk phones, the investment in hardware is minimal.

Flexible Features

The City of Newark gets over 40 features with its phone service. VoIP services are typically more customizable than traditional phone service—departments can set up each phone line and extension to meet highly specialized call-handling, voicemail, fax and conference-call specifications. And since they control setup, managers can change those settings at any time at no extra cost!

Mobilizing Government

With VoIP, government employees are no long tied to their desks. VoIP service extends to their mobile phones, allowing them to communicate wherever they are. And though most City of Newark employees currently use our Panasonic IP desk phones, they can easily add a Communicator softphone, which installs a phone on your desktop computer or laptop.

Growing in Partnership

The City’s implementation of service began in 2015 with a small test deployment that soon grew to hundreds of phones.

“We are delighted to be working with the City of Newark and serving their communication needs,” says Ari Rabban, CEO of “We knew our service capabilities and flexibility would match the scale and needs of the City, and we look forward to furthering our collaboration.”



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