Call Handling Rules

Get callers to the right place every time.

Call Handling Rules are the set of options created by you to route incoming calls to your account to your desired location.


Using Call Handling Rules, you can route incoming calls to a single destination, or different destinations based on the day and time or the Caller ID of the call received.

Call Handling Rules

Call Handling Options

Create your own rules to route incoming calls to the desired location.

Phone icon.

Menus/Auto Attendant

Automatically route calls to the person or department callers want to reach with menus and an automated receptionist. You'll know before you pick up the call which option was selected.

Address book.

Dial by Name Directory

Ask callers to enter (via keypad) the first or last name of the person they’re seeking. Callers can find their own way to employees in your company directory.

Mobile business phone solution


Easily forward all calls to your cell phone, home phone, or practically anything that rings. Your number can go with you everywhere, but only if you want it to.


Scheduled Routing

Route incoming calls to different numbers, people, greetings, menus and more, based on the day of the week and time a call is received.

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