Does Your Customer Service Embody Company Values?

Does your customer service embody company values?

When we train new members of our Customer Service team, we focus more than anything on just that: Customer Service.

Our new agents are not expected to know every setting for all of our features—however, we do expect them to provide outstanding service to our customers, and understand that it is find to ask for help when they have questions.

Here are the five top values that we focus on when we train new Customer Service staff.

1. Quality

What makes a quality customer-service interaction? Listening to each customer, really hearing what they need, and being committed to finding exact answers to their questions. Providing great customer service and continually improving that level of service is always our top objective.

2. Caring

We understand that customers use our service to run their businesses. If their phone service is down for some reason, so too is their business. So we really do care that their settings are optimal and their service of the highest quality. We care about the successful resolution of each issue, whether we’re talking to a customer by email, chat, phone or social media. We also care about each member of our team, and about creating a positive work environment so that we can provide great service.

3. Choice

We think it’s vital to let our customers choose how they want to use our service! With 40-plus features and countless settings, the service is so flexible! We train our service agents to help customers tailor features and settings to match their business and personal needs.

4. Value

Our fourth top objective, is to provide value for our customers. We train agents to anticipate individual needs and offer customers useful tips and tricks to save them time and money. If there’s a way we can lower your phone bill, we will!

5. Accessibility

We also focus on being as available to our customers as possible. With agents on phone, email, chat and social-media coverage, we want to be ready to answer your questions—however you reach us! And finally, within, we make sure we’re accessible to each another too, so that we can all help answer questions that a newer agent may not be able to answer. No matter the issue, we have an escalation flow to get the help you need!

If you have questions about your settings and features, please reach out to our team. We’re ready for your call!




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