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How Attorneys and Legal Clients are Improving Communications, Increasing Efficiency & Streamlining Operations

Our clients in the legal field come from firms, companies and operations of varying sizes and needs. Despite their differences, we have found that a certain core of services are well-suited for attorneys and law teams looking to communicate better, work smarter and keep efficiency up in and out of the office.

With that in mind, here is a list of some of those key services our clients from the legal field should consider:

Call Forwarding: Receive Calls No Matter Where You Are

When you are a busy attorney, you are often all over the place, whether with clients, at court or on the road. Call Forwarding gives attorneys and law firm staffers the power to direct calls to your location…wherever, whenever.

Call Handling Rules: Customize The Path For Each Call & Caller

Out of the office most of the time? Not a problem! Call Handling Rules give you the flexibility to change call handling rules on the fly, send different calls and callers to different extensions and, most importantly, give you the ability to have your calls reach you wherever you are, whatever you are doing.

Call Transfer: Send Callers Where They Need To Go With A Touch Of A Button

Whether you are working from a remote location, in and out of court all day or just out of the office, legal teams find our Call Transfer options to be easy and efficient. The office receptionist or anyone else answering the phone can transfer to your extension, and the call will find you wherever you are. (And, you can set up “Do Not Disturb,” or DND, when you are tied up in court or meetings and can’t attend to your calls.) Mobile App: Run Your Practice From Your Smartphone!

Our law firm and attorney clients love the Mobile App. They find they are able to manage, communicate and organize their correspondence right from their Smartphones. And when they call out using the app—no matter where they are calling from—the Caller ID will show their office phone number. Just another way attorneys can be on the go with all of the capabilities of the office environment right at their fingertips!

Voicemail To Email: Never Dial In To Your Messages Again

Our Voicemail to Email feature gives you instant email notification with attached audio any time a voicemail is left on your work extension. Open, listen, save, forward these audio files to colleagues and others. You never need to dial in to your voicemail box again—unless you want to !

Call Recording: Maintain Call Records As Needed

Many of our attorney clients take advantage of our premium Call Recording feature. This powerful tool allows you to monitor, review and save calls to your account. It’s no secret that in the law sector in particular, many calls have to be recorded and stored for a certain amount of years. Also, when it comes to law firm marketing, our attorney clients who specialize in medical malpractice or personal injury, for instance, receive a great deal of their business through ads that drive potential clients to phone call centers and answering services. They can easily and closely monitor those initial intake calls with this must-have service.

Fax From Phone: Send & Receive Faxes On The Go

Our Fax From Phone tool allows attorneys and their staffs to receive faxes via email and send them from the mobile app or from the control panel on their desktop computer.

Need to receive a fax in the courtroom or send one from opposing counsel’s conference? No problem—never delay important communications again just because you aren’t near a fax machine!

Call Announce: Know When It’s A Business Call…And When It’s Not

Busy, on-the-go attorneys often have calls forwarded or transferred to their cell phones. When they are out and about and the phone rings, the last thing they want to do is pick up without knowing whether it’s a business call, a telemarketer or something else. Our Call Screening allows you know whether it is a business call you will want to answer, as opposed to a telemarketer or sales call you don’t have time for during your busy hours.

Number Porting: Move Anywhere, Bring Your Number With You
No matter what the size of your firm or law team, chances are you have invested a great deal in your phone number. So when it’s time to move locations or transfer to your home office, for example, no need to lose all of that history—just refer to our Number Porting service and never have to worry about needing to inform clients of a number change. Seamless and easy!

Call Logs: Keep Track Of All Calls, Conversations

Maintaining accurate Call Logs is absolutely crucial for attorneys. Whether for billing, accuracy or information backup, our attorney clients rest easy knowing that not only can calls be filtered and tracked, but records can be downloaded as needed. Peace of mind and accuracy for all!

Conferencing Tools: Conduct Audio & Video Meetings Easily, Efficiently
Gone are they days when legal conferences had to take place with all involved parties sitting together around a long conference room table. With our Conference Call tools, including both audio conferencing and premium video conferencing meeting capabilities, everyone can be present no matter where they are physically or geographically be located. Each employee and extension can have its own bridge line, and your conference calls can accommodate up to 300 participants.

No matter what the size of your firm, your area of practice or your call volume, we can work closely with you and your team to create customized packages that make life in the legal sector run more smoothly, efficiently and effectively for you, your staff and your clients.



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