Call Recording Feature Overview

Understand the full story with clear, complete audio recordings, and customize your inbound and outbound call recording settings at any time.​

Work from anywhere with
  • Record What You Want
    Simply choose between recording All Calls, All Incoming Calls, All Outbound Calls, or a Custom setup.
  • Low Monthly Price
    Call recording is included for Pro users. Others can add call recording for just $4.95 per month for 300 minutes of recording.
  • Notice Tone Enabled
    Because many states mandate One-Party Consent, has turned on the notice tone for all accounts. The faint beep occurs every 15 seconds to inform parties that the call is being recorded. If you would like to turn off the tone, you may do so.
  • Available When You Need Them
    Recorded calls are stored in your account call logs for 13 months. You can also download and save as .mp3 files.
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