5 Benefits of Multi-Line Phone System

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multi line phone system

multi line phone system


In a survey, 95% of respondents believe that customer service is important to their choice of brand and their ongoing loyalty.

Installing a reliable multi-line phone system means customers can reach your company directly, which is key to establishing a good relationship.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Multi-Line Phone System

Before browsing for multi-line phone systems, small businesses need to answer the following questions:

  • How many lines do you need?
  • Will your staff need to be trained to use the system?
  • Which features are included in the package?
  • Can a system grow with your business?

These questions will help you determine which multi-line phone system server to choose and which package best aligns with your business.

Basic Features

Multi-line phone systems have a variety of useful features, including the following:

Caller ID

Caller ID lets you see who is calling. You can either see just the number or the name and number. This feature helps you identify important calls.

Message Waiting Indicator

A flashing red LED light means you’ve got a new voicemail.

Hold Functionality

You can put employees or customers on hold if you’re busy. If it’s an external call, the caller is presented hold music that you can customize.

Advanced Features

Advanced features give your business a polished, professional, appearance. Examples include the following:

Auto Attendant

The auto attendant greets callers and gives them a directory of extensions.

Do Not Disturb

This feature sends all incoming calls to voicemail without the phone ringing, which is helpful if you’re in a meeting or you can’t answer the phone.

Speed Dial Directory

Speed dial makes it easier to call important numbers with a single press of a button.

Call Waiting

You’ll get notified if there’s an incoming call when you’re already on the line. This feature also lets you use your handset to put one call on hold to answer the second one so your company doesn’t miss any calls.

Top 5 Benefits of a Multi-Line Phone System

There are many advantages to using a multi-line phone system. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Traditional phone lines allow two callers maximum. And because there are so many lines that can be installed, long-distance calls can be expensive.

But when you switch to multiple phone lines, it’s cheaper especially with internet-based models.

2. Variety of Solutions

A major advantage of multiple phone lines is how they adapt to businesses of all shapes and sizes. You may simply want a second line so you don’t have to take personal calls on your personal phone number, or you may need 10 extensions shared between in-office and remote employees. Modern business phone systems can conform to whatever you need.

3. Flexible and Easy to Scale

Multi-line phone systems grow alongside your business so you can keep adding lines as your team expands. You’ll either need to add extra handsets using cables or install an expansion kit.

4. Allow Internal and External Calls

Multi-line phone systems let businesses receive and transfer calls within and externally hassle-free. They’re also useful for conducting conference calls.

When employees attend virtual meetings, you save on travel and accommodation expenses, while boosting employee productivity.

Multi-line phone systems also offer a wide range of features to streamline your business. For instance, you can access caller ID, voice mail, call forwarding, and automatic redial.

Another useful feature is the ability to see who’s making outbound calls and track the performance of your employees.

Multi-line phone systems let you track call times, lengths, recipients, and callers. You can then figure out specific call patterns of a specific department.

5. More Professional

You can appear more professional by programming music or a sales message for callers to hear when they’re on hold.

Phone systems also let callers know how to reach various departments when you’re away or on another line. You can even set this up for your home-based system so clients or customers can always reach you.

The Bottom Line

Multi-line phone systems come with an array of advantages by establishing yourself as a professional and making it easier for employees to reach one another.

It’s also far more cost-effective than a traditional phone system and has the flexibility to grow with your business.

Are you ready to revamp your business’s phone system? If so, we’d love to chat. Contact us or request a quote here.

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