4 Reasons to Switch to a Business Mobile Phone 

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Business Mobile Phones Are Gaining Popularity

In 2020, mobile phone usage increased dramatically, and the growth trend will likely continue for years to come. A study by Strategy Analytics stated that half of the world’s population owned a smartphone in June 2021. With business mobile phones included, nearly four billion people are using this kind of device on a daily basis.

Today, many of us are still working from home or in a hybrid environment. Organizations need to provide employees with easy ways to collaborate no matter where they work, making business mobile phones almost a necessity for companies of all sizes. 

Personal mobile devices not only introduce risk, but they appear unprofessional to your customers and partners when they receive calls from random phone numbers. You may be a little behind if you do not yet have an enterprise communication system supporting employees’ business productivity and protecting their privacy.

In this article, you will learn about the benefits of adding business mobile phones to your tech allocation strategy. First, however, let’s go into more details as to why your business may need them in the first place.


4 Reasons to Switch to Business Mobile Phone Systems


Mobile phone implementation has surged in both professional and private spheres for work, communication, information gathering, and entertainment. This technology is definitely not going anywhere.

In terms of hardware, a business mobile phone should enable communications and enhance productivity, including top-notch functionalities (sleek design, hi-def camera, quality audio), and allow connectivity with other devices. If you combine the best hardware with a state-of-the-art service provider, you have a winning combination. 

There are at least four reasons to invest in business mobile phones.

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Reason #1 – Your employees need them for productivity, and your company needs them to reduce risks.

COVID showed us that most of us are highly capable of working in a mobile environment. But not all employees feel they have the right technology to do their jobs remotely, and one report warns that “under-equipped workers were more likely to introduce security risks to an organization by turning to alternative solutions to fill the gaps.” 

Giving employees technology solutions, like business mobile phones, not only reduces corporate risks but supports employees by giving them secure access to work-related voicemails, phone calls, and more from a dedicated business mobile phone. 


Reason #2 – Your employees need flexibility

With the right business mobile phones for your small business, you could give yourself and your employees more freedom and autonomy without risking the necessary controls and security of a desktop environment. The right technology supporting a mobile workforce gives your entire company the space and independence needed to work on their terms. 


Reason #3 – Your current phone system is outdated

An outdated phone system is a major headache for any company. It can cause several problems, such as:


  • Having to call an IT or telco professional every time you need to make an update
  • Missing calls
  • Limited phone lines
  • No allowance for extension dialing or other enterprise-level features
  • No mobile compatibility


If you find one or more of these elements present in your company, you’re handicapping your employees. Everything revolves around successful communication, and a modern business mobile phone system is necessary to enable it.


Reason #4 – You have not been able to address business emergencies properly

You will always face matters that require immediate attention, no matter what business you run. You may not be able to resolve these issues in a timely fashion or at all if your phone system is outdated. Business mobile phones are on a single network, with employee contact information at your fingertips. If you need to reach them or coordinate a response during an emergency, these phones provide instant, reliable access.


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What Features to Look For in a Modern Business Mobile Phone


Modern business mobile phone platforms come with a host of features designed to help overcome the aforementioned challenges. Let’s look at the qualities you should look for when finding a service provider:


Offering Multiple Services with just One Resource

With the right business mobile phone system in place, you can get significant value that goes well beyond making and receiving calls. You’ll get the most bang for your buck when your phones offer robust capabilities.

For instance, a mobile system can equip you with a live receptionist to handle several incoming call distractions your employees may face. Additionally, it can help facilitate remote video meetings, provide security from threats such as international toll fraud, and provide you with enterprise-grade features such as call screening and multiple extensions.


Improving Efficiency

Paying for all of the features you get from a business mobile phone system can be expensive if you buy them individually. To find the best price, you might have to go through multiple providers. The task would become arduous, and the number of checks you would have to cut each month to keep it all going would multiply. 

However, with the best mobile system provider, you can consolidate features into one system at a premium cost. As an added benefit, you will be able to get all your needs handled at once by a company you can trust. The convenience ultimately saves both time and money while improving efficiency on your team.


Protecting Privacy

Well-equipped business phone systems are capable of adding an extra layer of security and privacy to your company. The benefit of cloud-based operations is that everything is locked down automatically for you.

Also, it helps you block unwanted marketers from overloading your business with offers and spam. You, your customers, and your employees get privacy assurance with this gatekeeping feature.


Promoting Professionalism

Business mobile phone systems make it possible to showcase your company’s professionalism. Through the best platform, you can customize your branding and let callers know you can be reached anywhere and at any time. They’ll see your business phone number on their caller ID, not an employee’s unfamiliar personal number.

In addition, you can use the data and activity in your phone systems to gain an understanding of how people reach out to you and what their needs are. As a result, you will get more insightful and granular mobile analytics, better than legacy systems.


Creating Stable Connectivity

A mobile-integrated phone system gives you the ability to present a united front in all forms of communication, whether you are conducting business in an office or remotely. This capability is critical since so many companies have a diverse workforce.

This uptime feature also reduces the likelihood of something important being overlooked and makes it possible for you to stay connected to your business and employees at any time.


Business Mobile Phone System Integration Is Vital


Your takeaway from this article may be that a business mobile phone system is now a must for your company. Your bottom line will benefit from all the operational efficiencies it will add to your organization. You’ll also be giving your employees what they need to succeed and improved quality of life.

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