Here’s Why You Need a Live Answering Service for Your Small Business

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Running a small business is difficult, to say the least. Did you know that, according to Forbes, 20% of small businesses fail in their first year, and 30% fail in their second year of operation?

Those are pretty significant numbers, and they’re hard to ignore. So how do you ensure you don’t become another failure statistic?

There are, of course, myriad reasons why small businesses fail. Insufficient capital, unsuccessful marketing initiatives, an unclear business model – all things that are important to be aware of, of course. Businesses can also run into trouble once they hit their stride when communication can be make or break.

Staying Available: Live Answering Service for Small Business Keeps You Connected

When business is booming, it’s easy to get caught up in the success, but it’s even easier to get overwhelmed by high call volume. If you’re a small operation with everyone wearing lots of different hats, it’s not always the easiest to answer every phone call.

If you start missing calls, you’re likely missing out on leads and sales. And if your company gets the reputation of being challenging to communicate with, you’ll find it hard to gain – and keep – customers.

The question then becomes: how can you handle all the calls that are coming in without jeopardizing your capital expenditure by building out an entire team? A live answering service for small business will help you out.

What is a Live Answering Service?

A live answering service for small business is your very own team of skilled hospitality receptionists answering your calls during business hours. Rather than dedicating an in-house team of employees to receive calls, a live answering service is a group of carefully vetted receptionists representing your company.

Answering calls can be time-consuming. Not only do you need to be present to pick up the phone on demand, but customers often have questions or requests that you need to respond to.

As a small business, you and your fellow employees may be covering off a lot of roles. When it comes to answering calls from customers, it takes a certain capacity, attention, and understanding to handle them effectively. When you add up the time spent answering calls and responding to requests or inquiries, having a dedicated team becomes invaluable.

With a live answering service for small business, you can put this role into trusted hands and redirect your energy into gaining more customers.

How Will a Live Answering Service Help?

There are many benefits to a live answering service for small business. We’ll cover off a few to show you the clear ROI for hiring a live answering team.

  • You’ll never miss a call.

An answering service for small businesses ensures that any call that comes in during business hours is answered with a professional greeting personalized to your company.

No matter the call volume, if you’re in a meeting, out of the office, or somehow unable to get to the phone, these receptionists are there to take your calls. You can customize the call handling and messaging to tailor-fit your business needs. It’s that easy.

  • You won’t break your budget

A live answering service for small businesses is designed to help you out while remaining cost-effective. By outsourcing your incoming call team, you’ll maximize efficiency and your budget. Packages are typically structured by the amount of time devoted to these calls, allowing you to set and stay within your financial means.

Hiring a team, onboarding employees, getting them up to speed and paying salaries all draw from your financial resources. A live answering service is a single recurring, predictable expense you can write into your business plan for the short or long term.

  • Give your small company a big business look and feel

“Thanks for calling Greenfield Insurance Group. This is Jefferey. How may I help you?”

You might be the only Greenfield in the Group, but that doesn’t matter! With a proper greeting and a real person answering calls customized to your business, you’ll instantly wow potential customers with your level of professionalism and give them easy access to make an appointment or leave a message or find an extension without waiting on automated attendants.

You’ll be able to give the personalized attention of a small business with the professionalism of a large company – the best of both worlds.

  • Give your business versatility

Receptionists at your live answering service for small businesses are able to give you the flexibility to run your business operations without you having to worry about where your calls are going. Some of the duties include:

  • Setting appointments
  • Taking messages and sending to SMS or email
  • Forwarding calls to a voicemail, extension, or cell phone
  • Screening calls to eliminate spam and robocalling
  • Professional greetings

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customer service isn’t limited to fixing problems and answering questions. Think of it as the entire customer experience – the way your current and potential customers view your business. Your brand reputation and ability to grow hinges on this crucial element.

In a recent report, 68% of customers said they would pay more for products and services from a company that provides good customer service. Your ability to be available and meet their needs gives you credibility and builds trust.

Once you have a reputation as a reliable, responsible business, your customers will contribute to your marketing strategy – for free. Word of mouth is one of the most effective means of gaining new clients. People trust people and particularly first-hand experience.

Having a live answering service for small businesses ensures that you’re available for your customers and providing the best service you can. It also frees up your time to focus on other areas of your business, leading to a well-rounded approach.

When you’re ready to see where a live answering service for small businesses can take you, we’re here to help. Live Receptionist is your outsourced department that feels like an in-house team.


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