Joins the Civic Alliance to Boost Election Participation

I Voted Today Sticker is proud to say that we’ve joined more than 400 other companies in the Civic Alliance by committing to engage in nonpartisan efforts to boost participation by our employees and customers in the 2020 elections.

The Civic Alliance was founded by CAA Foundation, and Democracy works in January to champion the idea that everyone should have a voice in shaping our democracy and that businesses can play a crucial role in supporting safe, healthy, and trusted elections, and by inspiring our employees and customers to participate in civic life.

At the outset, the Alliance’s goal was to build a nonpartisan coalition of businesses that agreed to take steps to get their employees and customers to the polls, regardless of political affiliation, and to work to ensure Americans understand and trust the electoral process.
After the coronavirus hit in mid-February, the Alliance recognized additional ways businesses can help support the electoral process.

These included addressing the sudden shortage of people willing and able to work the polls during the pandemic and the need to educate the public about new options for participation. For many, mail-in voting, early voting, and secure drop boxes represent new ways to make their voices heard.

“What it’s all about is getting companies to work together to support the faith and trust in elections and really inspire every American to participate in shaping our country’s future,” said Civic Alliance Director Steven Levine.

Other organizations that have joined the Alliance include Major League Baseball, Target, PayPal, Microsoft, and many others in technology, retail, sports, and entertainment.

For our part, encourages participation by providing paid time off to vote and offering a full day of paid time off for employees who volunteer to be a poll worker. 

We believe the United States’ strength lies in its people, each with the power and the potential to shape the future of our country. Like all Americans, our company has unique values. Yet we are united in envisioning a future where everyone is engaged in civics, starting with voting in every election. has benefited from Americans’ support. Today we stand committed to supporting all Americans as they shape our nation’s future by participating in our democracy.


Nonpartisan Voter Information:

Help Staff Your Local Polling Place: Power the Polls


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