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At Phone.com we offer several different services. One of them is our Phone.com – Home Phone Service.

There are many VoIP based home phone services out there. Many in our industry assume that by now everyone knows what a VoIP home phone service is and how it works – but why should we assume that? Here is an explanation!

Now that you know what it is, what should you look for when choosing such a service?

Despite all the cool and valuable features, PRICE is still the main factor and we acknowledge this fact. Reliability of the service is the second issue and customer service would be the third (or perhaps the first?). After these come all the valued added features.

At Phone.com our goal is to provide this service based solely on these issues.

Our service is built on a solid platform with experienced engineers monitoring the network around the clock.

Second, we offer our service at the most competitive pricing in the industry; third, we offer 24*7 live customer support and we promise to not keep you waiting and to let you speak to someone who will really help you! If for some reason we don’t have the answer our representative will find out and call you back as soon as they get the issue resolved.

If you are still not satisfied with our service (and we don’t think this will happen) please let us know why, but in any case, unlike some other companies, we won’t make it hard for you to leave. We will also let you return your telephone adapter to us and avoid cancellation fees. We don’t know of many companies who do that.

If you have any questions please call us or email us – we want to talk to you!

So we hope you got your attention but why get a VoIP home phone service in the first place? Think about these issues as well:

1) With the cable company packaged phone services (most are also voip based) you are limited to your real area code (as with the old phone companies) and cannot choose your own number (virtually any area code in the US)

2) You can take the Phone.com adapter with you and use it with any phone at any place that has a home broadband connection (so basically you can take it with you when you go to grandma for the weekend – assuming grandma has broadband) and your home phone will ring there. You can even use it overseas.

Oh, and did we mention price? The price for unlimited monthly calling and much lower international rates can be half the price of our competition.


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