Create Your Own Professional Phone Greetings with Virtual Office Voicemail Services

Today we introduced another cool feature for our Virtual Office service. Customers may now type in the message (phone greeting) they want callers to hear once they dial their virtual number. Our professional phone greetings system will translate the message to a voice message using one of our over 30 automated voice talents.
With Text-To-Speech-Greeting, you can simply type your script, select a voice, add sound effects and preview then upload to your account.

Our Text-To-Speech-Greeting feature is a great way to get started without the need to record your own greeting or to use until you get your professional recording done. Once you are all set you can order professional recordings using the same text you specified for your Text-To-Speech (TTS) greeting.’s Text-To-Speech-Greeting is so easy to use. Simply type in your script and select a voice you want to use (you can sample them) and then add to your menu and voicemail. No need to use your own voice!

You can even write in Spanish, French, Italian and German!! We have voices that will speak what you write in any of these languages!

Whether serious or professional to funny and goofy greetings. We allow it all.
Phone.Com Text-To-Speech-Greeting is beneficial for many of your Virtual Office needs. Yes, give your Menu a professional twist but you can also record a “Joke of the Day” or create a silly Voicemail Message targeted to only specific callers (using our “Caller ID Based Routing”, yet another one of our great features). You know what will work for you!

Try it out! And as always, let us know what you think. We are here to help. 24*7.


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