Block Calls and Save Your Sanity

photo-1428591850870-56971c19c3d9As more and more communications take place through texts, emails and instant messaging platforms, phone calls are more likely to be placed into one of two categories: really important or nuisance calls. has built many tools to ensure you never miss a really important call, but we’ve put just as much effort into giving you the tools you need to avoid nuisance calls. Our Call Screening and Call Blocking features are standard with every account and allow you to block incoming calls from telemarketers, unknown numbers or even pay phones or specific area codes, and you can do it right from the nuisance phone call.

On many phone systems you have to track down the number following the call and go through several steps to block it, but with you can press *9 during a call to block that number immediately.

For good measure, you can also block outgoing calls to international numbers and calls to directory assistance.
Users can also block and unblock numbers from their call logs in the control panel.

With, you’ll never miss an important call and we make sure that you have the tools to stop unwanted calls from getting through.


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