Keep Your Focus with Call Screening

Keep Your Focus with Call Screening

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call screeningFor most people, call screening means picking up their phone when it’s ringing and looking at the caller ID information. That might be enough if you just have one phone number, but what if you’re a small business with multiple numbers ringing through to your cell phone or desk phone? has you covered.

We take call screening the extra step with an audio announcement including specific caller information – which number was dialed and caller ID info, specifically – arming you with the knowledge you need to make that important decision to answer or not. If you’re using the Mobile Office app to receive work calls, it’s always nice to know if the after hours call is coming on your personal or your work line before answering.

If you want to accept the call, press 1 and it comes through. To reject, press 2 and the call will be routed to the next rule. If you have a rule set up for what happens to a call that isn’t answered, you can instead choose to ignore the call all together. Best of all, no one but you will know that you’re screening your calls!

Call screening is just a part of the communications suite in the cloud from that makes your business easier to run.


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