8 Employees That Will Live Their Best Work-Life with VoIP

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They may drive you crazy sometimes but let’s face it: you kind of love your coworkers. (You know you do!) And it takes all types to really get a business off the ground, then keep it running like clockwork.

VoIP (also known as “voice over IP”, pronounced voyp; which basically means phone service over the internet) is brimming with features to suit all of them. Even the ones never at their desks. The ones that run from fax machines (and voicemails!) like they’re on fire. The goofy ones. The frugal ones. The don’t-bother-me-I’m-busy ones. The nerdy ones. (Oops! That’s data enthusiasts, our mistake. 😉 The ones that love donuts. (Wait, isn’t that all of us?)

We’ve rounded up eight different employees sure to, yes, live their very best work-life, thanks to VoIP.


The Big-Picture Thinker


They dream big and they’re not afraid to show it. Brimming with optimism, every business needs a go-big-or-go-home thinker—and VoIP lets them really have at it. They can plan for international success with global phone numbers, and, because your business is obviously going to grow at an exponential rate, they’ll relish VoIP’s unlimited user extensions. And when world domination finally comes to fruition and you just don’t have the bandwidth to answer all your phone calls, VoIP can provide a highly qualified team to answer them for you.


The Uber Professional


Way before you’re ready to take on the world, even if it’s just you and two other employees, the Uber Professional wants to make your business sparkle. And that means always looking—and sounding—your best. They’ll love how VoIP gives them the opportunity to choose custom local and toll-free virtual phone numbers (including custom numbers!). They’ll also love dial-by-name directorieshold music (that you can actually choose yourself), queues, and the ability to transfer calls like a pro (even in the middle of call), all of which may make your company seem a lot more established, and bigger, than it may actually be right now. (You’re getting there; we know.)


The Data Enthusiast


They pore over every last statistic and go bug-egged over new business insights. It’s your office data enthusiast and they’re ready to hit refresh like analytics are the new Facebook. From hour-by-hour call tracking to productivity dips, they’ll love detailed call analytics only VoIP can provide. They’ll also go gaga over CRM integration that provides salespeople with actionable info they need to close the deal instead of letting it fall through the cracks.


The One That Likes to Make Everyone Smile


It’s the very best coworker or boss to have. They love to make you laugh, and, for reasons still TBD, they’re always trying to floss. (That’s the dance, not, you know, flossing your teeth. Although actual flossing is pretty great, too.) They also love delighting customers, which is definitely VoIP territory. From, ahem, floss-worthy hold music to awesome greetings, VoIP can definitely sprinkle in some fun. And if your jolly colleague also loves a seamless call transfer, VoIP can totally do that, too.


The Penny Pincher


They bring their lunch every day and pass on the daily Starbucks run. Yes, both frugal and wise, it’s the office penny pincher. Every office has one and thank goodness. Because they’re always looking for a good deal. When it comes to pricing, traditional landline-based business phone systems can’t hold a candle to VoIP. Number crunchers will also love the fact that you can use the phones you already have, even that ancient rotary phone they refuse to get rid of “just in case.”


The Time Cruncher


And then there’s the Time Cruncher, also known as The One That’s Always Busy. For this, usually hyper-caffeinated, individual, VoIP offers voicemail-to-email (because getting this person to actually listen to a voicemail on their phone is just…too much), faxing by phone (because fax machines, just…no), text-to-greeting (because recording and re-recording a voicemail greeting, absolutely not) and iPhone and Android apps to manage everything (because, apps, yes).


The Do Not Disturb-er


So this actually isn’t even a term. But you probably know what we mean. And chances are we’ve all been this person at one point or another. You’re on a deadline, in a meeting, on a conference call, or just heads down on a project. VoIP is packed with handy features to keep calls from interrupting you. Call blocking makes sure you get only the calls you want by blocking specific numbers, unknown numbers, and even certain area codes. Call screening keeps your eyes on what you’re doing by providing an audio announcement of who’s calling. And good, old-fashioned do not disturb silences your phone completely, sending callers to voicemail or wherever you’ve routed them.


The Movers, Shakers & Remote Workers


Maybe they’re never at their desks. Maybe they never had a desk to begin with. But nothing beats VoIP when it comes to on-the-go colleagues. Call forwarding directs calls to wherever they’d like—cell phone, landline, anywhere in the world—so a call is never missed. A nifty feature called Follow Me directs calls to single or multiple numbers and they can be programmed to, you know, ring all at once (OMG) or one after the other. Finally, video conferencing lets everyone feel like a part of the team. Because nothing says teamwork like watching your coworkers stuff their face with donuts versus just hearing them do it. (Mmm…donuts.)



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