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My Solution Services provides Online Business Management (OBM) and Certified Professional Practice Building Coaching for therapists, helping with the daily tasks of running the business side of private practice. We spoke to Frances J. Harvey, C.P.C., founder of the company, about her business and working with’s Agent Program.


What can you tell us about My Solution Services?


My Solution Services is an online strategic service for the mental health professional industry. We’ve been doing it for over eight years and I have thirty-plus years managing businesses. We’ve found that many mental health specialists love their ability to help people but do not have hands-on business management experience. My Solution Services helps in guidance, prioritization, technical integrations and professional coaching for the mental health industry.


What are some of the technical challenges you face in working with the mental health industry?


Many of the companies and teams I work with are excellent mental therapists but are not aware of the latest in technology or health legal compliance. I often help them understand the importance of HIPAA compliance and how to make sure their office is running compliant software.


How did you get involved with


When I started the business it was just me, my phone and computer. I needed to determine how to make it work, so I started researching. Initially I worked with Grasshopper, which worked. As I continued to grow and bring on more clinicians, I ran into the challenge of Grasshopper not being HIPAA compliant. They were not interested in signing a BAA, providing it or talking about one. This should be a dealbreaker for therapists. I started to run into challenges and tried based on a recommendation. I haven’t looked back!’s customer service is wonderful and the solidness, ease of use of the platform is its strength. I connected with Joel (Maloff, SVP of Strategic Alliances and Chief Compliance Officer) and Leslie (Roberts, Channel Partner Manager). I’ve recommended ever since.


HIPAA Compliance is a big deal. Do you have to educate clinicians on HIPAA compliance?


You would think since it’s what they do, that they would know HIPAA’s importance, but not so much! Over the years, working with therapists, some do their due diligence and know what’s required, what they’re mandated under the jurisdiction of the board of mental science. Some clinicians need help. HIPAA Compliance protects their clients’ privacy, so any of the communication tools they use need to be certified.  


Great, what’s next for the company?


I’m looking forward to growing my business and my clients’ businesses, signing up more customers, encouraging them to use There are new features that is developing that I’m looking forward to and testing.


Find out more about Frances’s company at Learn more about’s Agent program at, email us at [email protected] or call for more information at 800.842.3394


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