8 Common VoIP Myths That Need to Be Debunked

businessman using voip phone in office


businessman using voip phone in office

Maybe it’s the awkward acronym. Maybe it’s because it sounds super technical and people aren’t exactly sure what it means. Whatever it is, VoIP has been around for decades, yet, like your neighbor’s sweet dog that barks wildly every time you walk by (OMG), is misunderstood.


We thought we’d take a few minutes to pull back the curtain and debunk some common VoIP myths. Because a myth shouldn’t hold you back from one of the best, easiest, most affordable things you can do to boost your small business, right? Right!


Before we get started, what’s VoIP anyway?


Excellent question! VoIP stands for “voice over internet protocol,” which is a high-tech way of saying phone service over the internet. Some people call it a virtual phone system or “voice over IP.”


It may sound weird and/or confusing but all it means is that instead of using traditional copper wires to make phone calls, VoIP does it via the internet.


The technology doesn’t stop at phone calls either. It has a ton of fantastic features that will make your daily work life infinitely easier.


So now that we have that out of the way, let’s bust those myths!


Myth #1: VoIP won’t let me keep my existing number.


Untrue! You can absolutely keep your existing number when you switch. Number porting allows you to transfer your existing number—or a bunch of numbers—to a VoIP service. If you decide you’d like a new number one day, you can choose your own.


Myth #2: It will be hard to set up.


False! It is super easy to set up. Just a few steps and you’re good to go. And once you’re up and running, you can manage everything from an app. If you hit any snags along the way, some voice over IP providers have 24/7 U.S.-based customer support all year long.


Myth #3: I’ll have to get all new phones.


Wrong! You can use whatever phone or phones you, or your employees, already have. That includes cell phones, desk phones, and even that retro rotary phone your grandma gave you. (Aw, gram!) You can also use your computer. If you want to buy VoIP desk phones, you can, but you definitely don’t need to.


Myth #4: It will be too technical for me to understand.


We’re going to have to give this one a big HECK NO. There’s actually nothing to understand. If you can use a cell phone or a computer, you can use VoIP. It’s really that simple.


Myth #5: It’s something for big businesses, not my small/medium business.


Wrong again! While lots of large corporations use VoIP, tons of small and mid-sized businesses do, too. Some VoIP providers actually specialize in providing service to businesses with less than 10 employees.


Myth #6: VOIP isn’t secure


Incorrect! VoIP is extremely secure. It’s so secure, it’s HIPAA compliant.


Myth #7: You can’t fax over VoIP.


Also incorrect! With VoIP, you can finally say goodbye to your clunky old fax machines forever! Because once you connect your smartphone to your new VoIP service, you can send and receive faxes with it. Whoop whoop!


Myth #8: VoIP isn’t reliable because it’s not hardwired.


False! The wire-free technology employed by VoIP is extremely reliable. We know where you’re coming from. Getting used to wire-free technology can be challenging. Remember when we were all suspicious of wifi? And what about your cell phone? VoIP does come with one precaution, though: once you make the switch, you may never go back. You’ve been warned!



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