Business Phone Service for
Local Governments

Seamless communication with maximum mobility.

The cost of communications can take up a big chunk of the budget for local governments. Although communications is an essential government function, unnecessary funds spent on old-fashioned or poorly functioning phone systems means fewer dollars are being put to work for the community.


With, local governments can keep commitments to constituents, work seamlessly with staff, and collaborate for a fraction of traditional phone systems’ cost.

Phone systems for local governments.

Voice. Video. Text. Colaboration. comes with more than 50 advanced features to help local governments and agencies streamline communications and provide outstanding service to the community. 

How Can Phone.Com Help?

Direct Every Call with Call Handling Rules

With’s call routing features, you direct incoming calls based on the time of day or day of the week. Staff can answer on their desk phone, mobile device, or PC.


Safe, Secure Video Conferencing’s solution for government agencies allows for sensitive and highly confidential information to be sent and received by anyone, at any time, from every corner of the world. Learn more about how local governments benefit from


Work From Anywhere mobile apps bring all of our cloud communication features together with the added benefit of making calls over your carrier network or using data coverage or Wi-Fi. Apps are available for iOS and Android.


Separate Personal from Professional

Assigning one of our local, toll-free, or custom phone numbers to your team means they can use their personal mobile device without giving their personal phone number to callers.  Staff can manage their public and personal life on one device, but with separate identities.

Phone service for local governments
Affordable phone system for local governments

Why do local governments turn to

Local governments and agencies come in varied structures, but having flexible business communications at your fingertips is essential for any staff member who serves the community. That’s why so many local governments and agencies rely on

The needs of local governments can change at any moment. The traditional approach to communications means making guesses about your community’s needs long into the future. Not true with You can easily add or remove users when needs change, even seasonally. With it is a snap for administrators to make changes on-demand.

Technology resources are scarce and expensive in the public sector, so it makes sense to choose a solution that can be managed without expensive telco resources.

Local government employees must manage all communications while presenting a polished and professional image. Having communications features that keep you available and connected makes the community you serve feel valued and creates the impression of competence.

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