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What is Secure VoIP?

Secure VoIP provides encryption, message authentication and integrity, and replay attack protection to the VoIP calls It was developed by a small team of Internet Protocol and cryptographic experts in the Internet Engineering Task Force.

Who benefits from Secure VoIP?

In todays world with all our privacy concerns that should be an easy question to answer. You only access your bank over HTTPS, and we all know the importance of strong passwords. Securing our phone calls is an easy extension of these best habits that make our lives more secure and private.

What’s the difference between Secure RTP and encrypted SIP?

Secure RTP only secures the voice content. The Encrypted SIP (Using TLS – Transport Layer Security) can also hide the caller and receiver information. If an application or setting gives you the option to activate one or the other, it is best to use both.

How do I enable Secure VoIP?

Most calls are secure by default. The App gives you an option to disable SRTP and TLS. This should only be used in case of an extraordinary emergency network problem that prevents calls from being secured. Normally you should keep those options on.

I have an office with multiple desk IP phones. Do I need to enable Secure VoIP?

No, Secure VoIP is your default setting.

I use on my cell phone using the app. Do I need to enable Secure VoIP?

No, Secure VoIP is enabled by default, but under call options you can disable SRTP and TLS. Normally you should keep those options on.

I forward calls to my cell phone. Can I take advantage of Secure VoIP?

When you forward calls to your cell phone as a cellular call (not using the App) the cellular network takes care of encryption.

Are Secure VoIP and HIPAA certification related?

HIPAA dictates that all patient information will be secured in motion and at rest. Secure VoIP takes care of securing the data during motion or as the call data traverses the internet.

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