7 Ways a Virtual Receptionist Service Will Improve Your Business

Virtual Receptionist

The prevalence of virtual and hybrid office environments has helped many businesses accept virtual work as an advantage rather than a detriment. In recent years, virtual receptionists have rapidly gained popularity. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business owners rely on virtual answering services to maintain high-quality customer service without diverting their attention from the business.

Small businesses and freelancers without the resources to hire a full-time receptionist can save money and deliver exceptional customer service with a virtual answering service. If you are a business owner, you understand that your time is too valuable to spend it answering phone calls. A virtual telephone receptionist can take calls, nurture leads, and schedule appointments while you focus on your day-to-day workflows. You’ll never miss an opportunity, and your callers will get the attention they deserve. This blog will discuss a live receptionist and guide you through the seven major benefits a virtual receptionist can provide your business.

What Is a Virtual Receptionist?

A virtual receptionist is more like a service than a payrolled employee. A virtual answering provider offers access to a call center with multiple agents ready to answer calls for your business. You never miss a call while your receptionist is on break, and your customers never receive a busy signal. Live representatives answer calls for your business with your business name and a scripted greeting for consistency.

A live representative gives callers a better first impression. Unlike a voicemail, there is no need to call a customer back for trivial matters. Your virtual receptionist can enter new leads into a CRM, schedule appointments, and filter spam callers.

Why Is a Virtual Receptionist Superior to Voicemail or Hiring a Receptionist?

A virtual receptionist offers more than just an answering service and provides many benefits over a voicemail recording. Customers feel better talking to a live representative when they reach out to your business. While a voicemail can make customers feel ignored, a live receptionist makes customers feel like they are getting the attention they deserve.

With a voicemail, you will need to call a customer back to schedule an appointment or ask for information to create a lead. Alternatively, a virtual receptionist can chat with your caller and record their contact information. They will then send the information in an email or voice message, allowing you to reach out when you have the time.

While a receptionist can provide similar services, you will likely need to train the employee in everything from answering calls to using your CRM. You will also need to hire the right candidate for the job, pay their salary, and offer benefits. Since a virtual answering service is a team that works for you, you have all the benefits of a receptionist without the overhead.

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7 Ways a Virtual Receptionist Creates Value for Your Business

Virtual receptionists can help you build your business through many benefits. They can provide high-quality customer service at a lower cost than hiring a receptionist to work for you. Not only will you have the peace of mind that a receptionist will be available to speak to your callers, but you’ll also free up the time and attention of your employees to cover other tasks.

1. Cost-Efficiency

A virtual answering service is more cost effective than hiring a receptionist to work in your office. Employing a full-time staffer to answer phone calls for your business can cost more than $30,000 per year at $15 per hour. A virtual answering service is there when you need them. However, you only need to pay for the minutes the agent spends receiving calls for your organization. Many startups and small businesses do not have the call volumes to justify a full-time receptionist. All organizations will save on benefits, training, and paid time off otherwise incurred.

It can also be a challenge to let a long-time receptionist go when you no longer need them. When you rely on an excellent virtual receptionist service, you have the option to cancel anytime. The process is simple, whether you need to downsize temporarily or long-term.

2. Availability

The average receptionist works, of course, during business hours. Your organization is likely missing opportunities after hours, on weekends, and during the employee’s break times. Full-time employees are also entitled to time-off which can result in another employee filling in for them temporarily.

A virtual answering service leverages a call center environment to provide maximum availability. Your customers will never receive a busy signal or need to call back because the receptionist is on break. Live representatives can also answer calls for your organization after business hours and on weekends.

3. Excellent Customer Service

Virtual receptionists are trained in proper phone etiquette to provide an excellent experience for those on the other end of the line. Callers often cannot tell the difference between a receptionist employed by your organization and a virtual answering service.

A receptionist offers a human touch that customers cannot get from a voicemail recording. Your clients will receive a warm welcome and feel that their call receives respect and attention. A voicemail can make customers feel ignored. You can also choose live receptionist providers in the United States for seamless communication with your customers.

4. Minimal Distraction

While you can also save money answering calls yourself or with the help of another employee, it can be a distraction. Virtual receptionists are trained for their specific role and will reduce daily interruptions. They can transfer calls to the appropriate line, take appointments, and nurture leads.

5. Reach More Clients and Grow

While a receptionist can help you grow your business by delivering excellent customer service and taking in leads, a virtual answering service can serve more concurrent callers. Live virtual receptionists are on-time, professional, and answer more calls than one employee ever could. And they do it all seamlessly, without your customers getting a busy signal or waiting in a queue. They can help turn callers into prospects and create leads by adding new clients to your CRM.

6. No Training or Hiring

Virtual receptionists are fully trained and can often start within 48 hours of your intake questionnaire. You won’t need to find qualified receptionists and conduct an extensive screening process. Live representatives won’t require training to ensure their skills are up to date and they understand your CRM or apps.

Virtual receptionists are trained in phone etiquette, creating leads, scheduling appointments, and transferring calls. The best virtual answering service providers also train their receptionists in Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance for your patient’s confidentiality. If you choose an excellent service provider, your live receptionist will be a highly skilled and professional agent under the leadership of a supervisor. They answer calls with your company’s name and respond based on a carefully formulated script.

7. Valuable Services

Virtual receptionists can answer your phone calls and filter spam, robocalls, and other undesirable callers. They can forward calls to your phone or another line, transcribe voice to email, or record calls to a voicemail box. As mentioned, a live receptionist can also enter new customers into your CRM and schedule appointments using your electronic calendar.

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Improve Your Business With a Virtual Receptionist

A virtual receptionist offers several benefits for businesses, especially if you are a startup or small business with fewer resources to spare. A virtual answering service can get started quickly without hiring or training, and you can cancel anytime. They are cost-effective and offer a better experience for your callers.

A virtual receptionist from Phone.com can save money and help you grow your business with industry-leading customer support. Our US-based representatives provide high-quality customer service and HIPAA compliance for healthcare businesses. A live representative offers a human touch over voicemail and can do everything an in-office receptionist can do. They can be available evenings and weekends, ensuring you never miss opportunities. Sign up with Phone.com and get a live receptionist for your business today.


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