What Is a Virtual Telephone Receptionist? And Why Do I Need One?

Virtual Receptionist

During product launches and peak seasons, your business may need extra help to keep up with the high volumes of callers. A virtual telephone receptionist can help you keep up with high volumes of calls without committing to hiring a full-time staff member. They are becoming an increasingly prevalent investment for businesses of all sizes, from freelancers to large corporations.

A virtual receptionist is not an individual but an answering service that provides your business with a call center. Agents are ready to take calls, make appointments, and nurture leads with exceptional customer service. A virtual telephone receptionist ensures you never miss a call again while allowing you to focus on vital aspects of the business. They offer your business the flexibility to scale depending on your current needs, allowing you to start a plan and cancel at any time.

Calls can distract you from your business. A virtual answering service ensures your customers receive exceptional service with minimal distraction. This blog will explain what a virtual receptionist is and how they differ from alternatives. We will also discuss critical considerations when choosing a virtual receptionist service for your business.


What Is a Virtual Telephone Receptionist?

A virtual telephone receptionist is a live representative that can answer calls, schedule appointments, and help your business grow. They are a popular choice for businesses of all sizes because they make an excellent first impression on callers. When a client or partner calls your phone number and gets a voicemail, they may think you are uninterested in their business and call someone else. A virtual receptionist ensures the caller receives a more professional and attentive experience.

A virtual telephone receptionist works past typical office hours and weekends, ensuring customers receive a live representative even when your office is closed. Your time is valuable as a small business owner or entrepreneur. A virtual receptionist is a cost-effective alternative to tending to calls all day or paying staff to answer the phone. You and your team can focus on your business while a virtual answering service handles your calls.


Benefits of a Virtual Telephone Receptionist

Why do you need a virtual telephone receptionist? A virtual answering service offers several advantages for your business. A busy phone line can cost you valuable time building your business, and left unattended can lose customers. Subscribing to a virtual answering service ensures callers receive the attention they expect while you focus on your business.

Virtual telephone receptionists provide the following benefits to your business:

  • Make an excellent first impression with customers
  • Ensure customers receive a live representative every time they call
  • No busy signal or a voicemail recording
  • Save time and money without hiring and training a staffer to answer the phone
  • Set up can take less than 48 hours
  • Cancel at any time
  • Cost-effectively scale your business

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Virtual Telephone Receptionist vs. Voicemail

Why hire a virtual telephone receptionist when you already have a voicemail inbox? Voicemail answers the phone when you are busy or out of the office. Callers leave a message expecting a callback, which can make many callers feel ignored. You will also have to take time to call the customer or delegate a call back to a staffer. Voicemail lacks the professionalism and responsiveness of a live representative. 

More than 50% of businesses say their customers prefer voice communications. If you were a customer, would you rather speak to a live receptionist or leave a recording on a voicemail? A virtual telephone receptionist gives callers confidence that their call has been received and provides a human touch that customers greatly appreciate.

Virtual receptionists eliminate trivial callbacks for scheduling appointments. They transfer or direct callers to another line to get an answer without your intervention. The live agent can also create helpdesk tickets if the issue is related to support and add the client’s data to your CRM if they are a new and prospective customer.


Virtual Telephone Receptionist vs. Receptionist Staff

Hiring a part-time or full-time employee may require extensive training, from proper phone etiquette to using your CRM. You will need to pay for recruiting, onboarding, salary, and benefits. A receptionist staffer will likely work on a schedule similar to business hours, requiring breaks and time off. Hiring a virtual receptionist will help ensure your lines are covered at a fraction of the cost.

A virtual telephone receptionist provides complete answering services seven days a week and can work past typical office hours. When you choose an excellent partner for your virtual answering service, you will not need to provide training. Live representatives are ready to provide exceptional customer service and follow regulations like HIPAA compliance. Agents greet your clients with your business name and scripted message. Unlike a staffer, you pay even if there are no calls. Live receptionist services only charge you for the time spent on the phone.

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What to Consider Before Hiring a Virtual Telephone Receptionist

When hiring a virtual telephone receptionist from a service provider, considering the pricing strategy that best fits your call volume can help you maximize value and save money. 

Call Volume

Every business is different, with some receiving consistent calls daily and others receiving the bulk of callers only during peak seasons and product launches. A virtual answering service can adapt to your call volume. Your live receptionist can handle any call volume without your customers receiving a busy signal. There is no need to hire temporary staffers for your busy seasons or worry if you’ll be able to handle multiple concurrent callers.


Some virtual telephone receptionist services charge a flat monthly fee, while others charge only for the minutes of service. This flexible dynamic suits companies of all sizes. You only pay for the calls received, allowing your business to scale. If you have few callers during off seasons, your charges will be minimal. When you have a busy season, your live receptionist will ensure that every call receives the proper care. You can cancel the service when you no longer need it.

Business Growth

Virtual telephone receptionists can help you grow your business with their availability and superior customer service. While your representative is answering calls, you can dedicate your time to growing your business. Your receptionist can schedule appointments or enter leads into your CRM and send a voice recording or email transcription when clients need you to call them back.

Your virtual answering service works late and can provide call services on weekends to help you reduce the chance of missing opportunities with clients. When you partner with the ideal live receptionist, your customers are handled by trained representatives in the US, minimizing the risk of miscommunication.


Hire a Virtual Telephone Receptionist Today, and Start Growing Your Business

A virtual telephone receptionist from the right provider can help your business thrive. Your live representatives can transfer customers to the right line or department, record or transcribe calls to send to you, nurture leads, and schedule appointments in your calendar. They also filter spam callers and free up your time and attention at a lower cost than a dedicated reception staffer. Unlike a voicemail, well-trained receptionists also ensure your customers feel welcome to call and do business with you.

When you rely on Phone.com for your live receptionist, our well-trained staff greet your customers with your business name and a scripted message. Customers feel more at ease talking to a friendly representative in the US, and you will miss fewer opportunities while you focus on your business. Phone.com’s virtual receptionists work extended hours, seven days a week. Your customers will never receive a busy tone because we have a team of agents ready to take calls for you. Sign up to never miss a call again.


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