7 Reasons Why it is Important to Have a Business Phone Number

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There are several reasons why it is important to have a business phone number. After all, society today is very interconnected with online-oriented communication. And business telephone numbers are becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. 

Having a business phone number is necessary if you want to maintain consistency within your business while never missing a beat. But there are plenty of other important reasons why your company needs a dedicated number. Here are our top 7 reasons why you should get a business phone number today.

1. Your Personal Cell Phone Number Remains Private

Nothing is more annoying than getting random phone calls on your personal phone number. Whether it’s robocalls or strangers who stumbled upon your cell number, it’s frustrating. But you won’t have to list your personal cell phone number on the internet anymore to get your business out there. 

From Craigslist to Facebook, you’ll have far fewer random calls if you post your business phone number on your business social media page. This way, you’ll have this number of public rather than your cell phone number.

2. You Can Designate Business Hours

You need a phone number for your business that strictly operates during your business hours. Having designated business hours is one of the greatest reasons to have a dedicated line to your company. This way, when anyone calls you at the end of your workday, they can be greeted with a message. 

Messages left after hours will go to your business voicemail instead of your personal voicemail. 

3. Incoming Call Notifications and Call Screening

Once you receive an incoming call on your business line, you can be greeted with a message that only you will hear. The message will prompt you when you have an incoming call on your business line. And it’ll request that you press 1 to accept the call or 2 to ignore it and send the call to voicemail. 

Meanwhile, your customers will only hear regular ringing on their end. You can set up a greeting message that they will also hear, which gives you more time to answer your call. You can also receive a text and/or email notifying you of an incoming call. 

4. You’ll Have a Professional Voicemail

If you’ve ever called business telephone numbers and it goes to a person’s personal voicemail, it can be offputting. You want to be connected to the business, not a personal phone number. And if you want to prevent others from feeling this way, be sure to have a dedicated number to your business as well. 

Having a professional voicemail lets your customers know that a) they’ve reached the business and b) their call will be returned as soon as the business is re-opened. 

5. Create a Greeting Message for Your Customers

It’s great to have a greeting message for your business line to keep customers in the know.

When someone calls, you can have a different greeting message set up when you are both opened and closed. When your business is open, you can have a message letting customers know that their call will be answered shortly. And if your business is closed, you can have a greeting sending customers to your personal line if they’re having an emergency. 

6. Having Calls Forward to Different Phones Simultaneously

In the event that you have multiple people answering calls for your business, call forwarding is a great option. You won’t need to list different cell phone or business phone numbers on ads. Instead, you can arrange your calls to forward to different people equipped to answer calls for your business. 

Configure your business phone number to ring on multiple cell phones at the same time whenever you have an incoming call. That way, whoever is available to answer the call can do so. Your customers will no longer have to use multiple numbers to try and get in contact with someone at your company. 

7. Remain Consistent with Your Branding and Business

You should get a business phone number so that you can easily ensure that all of your business ads are using the same phone number. You’ll get to avoid having to figure out who’s cell phone number is being listed where. You’ll also avoid worrying about losing prospective customers or clients because of a listing that may have the wrong information. 

The more consistent your branding is, the more business you’ll potentially bring in. Not only will your customers be happy, but they’ll also see your business as a business they can rely on. Keep your business phone number attached to every one of your business listings and you’ll save yourself (and your customers) a lot of stress. 

The Benefits of Having a Business Phone Number

The benefits of having a business phone number are endless but these are the top reasons your company needs a dedicated line. If you want your business to earn and maintain its success, you should make communication between you and your clients as clear as possible. 

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