Voicemail Transcription For Your Small Business

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Voicemails can feel a bit archaic. We hardly spend time on the phone as is these days, but there’s something especially clunky and old fashioned about listening from start to finish to a voice message. Without voicemail transcription, you’re stuck in a certain format and unable to scan through the message like you would a text or Slack message, or even email.

Sometimes, even, your caller’s connection isn’t so great, so you’re stuck listening to a garbled indecipherable message.

That leads to you listening over and over to a voice message with a pen and paper like you’re a code talker in World War II.

And not getting work done…

So as your phone keeps ringing and the voicemails keep piling up and your workload shows no sign of stopping, you think to yourself that there has to be a more efficient way to do this.

Thankfully, technology has evolved! Now with voicemail transcription, you’re able to read your messages instead of spending time listening to them.

Thanks to transcription software, all the messages are instantly put into text form and emailed to your inbox or are available on your mobile app. Sometimes, companies will even outsource them to third party human-assisted transcription.

Get more done with voicemail transcription

A lot of businesses have been switching over their traditional phone lines to voice over IP (VoIP) as it typically costs less, works better, and has a multitude of features to help maximize your business. Simply put, it makes life easier.

One of the great features offered is voicemail transcription. Voice messages are automatically transcribed into text so the user can access their messages without having to listen.

Maybe they’re sitting in a long presentation, maybe they’re on an airplane using a mobile app. Either way, because of voicemail transcription they’re able to stay hands-free (or ear-free) and not waste time listening.

Also, when transcribed, the messages usually are delivered through email. So if the caller happens to dial the wrong extension, the messages are easily shareable and you can easily get their voicemail to its rightful place.


Storage, access, and more

With voicemail transcription for your small business, whoever has access is able to easily search the archives. This ensures organization and collaboration between your teammates.

This also dovetails into sales. If you’re keeping logs of sales calls, those transcripts can be integrated into a CRM or lead generation system to get new customers.  It’s an intuitive way to add another tool to your sales team.


Legal, real estate, medical and more

Voicemail transcription can be a vital asset to companies in a whole host of industries. Specifically it’s great for law firms which heavily rely on the written word, record keeping, and the safekeeping of sensitive client information.

Lawyers under pressure are able to keep working on their documents without taking the time to listen to a voicemail. They’re also able to cut and paste important tidbits of the messages and input them into their documents.

Realtors are able to streamline appointments while onsite without interrupting a showing. Their information about the next meeting or another client is right in the palm of their hand.

For doctors on the go, meeting with multiple patients, it’s a handy tool that takes seconds to scan before seeing another patient. And also helpful is that many VoIP providers are HIPAA compliant, so you’re secure and protected from costly fines.




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