Why Your Business Needs a Local Number

Why Your Business Needs a Local Number

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Having a local presence by way of a local number can be vital to your business. Just take a look at the statistics from 2018’s Small Business Saturday. According to BusinessWire.com, the nationwide initiative after the Thanksgiving holiday brought in a record-high $17.8 billion in sales. Furthermore, the survey from American Express found that 70% of adults queried are aware of the shopping day and 42% reported shopping at independently owned businesses. 41% of shoppers who participated on the day said they shopped Small online.


If you’re a small business owner reading this, especially ones who don’t have a brick-and-mortar shop, this is big news. That’s why raising your visibility is key. What’s an easy tool to do so? A local number in an important city or state.


Getting a local number immediately gives your company, wherever they are in the country, a local presence in any area code. This is a surefire way to grow your business across the country, giving it a trusted feel for potential customers. In a survey from SinglePlatform, 86% of consumers preferred a local business to a national/corporate brand in terms of quality.  And 79% of those surveyed said they feel small businesses are more reliable.


As a small business owner, there’s a chance you do a lot of work on your smartphone, so getting a local virtual number keeps your personal life and business life separate. At Phone.com you can choose from thousands of numbers in your area and beyond.

This, backed by HD quality voice and over 50 features, is the advantage and rock solid reliability that customers are looking for in a company.


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