Dial-by-Name Directories and How They Can Help Your Company Today

businessman using dial-by-name directory


In business, to have success and longevity in the ever-crowded, ever-expanding marketplace, it helps to have razor-sharp instincts. On the other hand, when your instincts may be not as honed, there is another resource just as essential if not more so: statistics.

When thinking about your customer base and customer experience, it’s important to collect as much data as possible. Luckily some of that is readily available on the internet.


Here are a few stats that caught our eye:


According to an American Express Global Customer Service Barometer in 2017, more than half of Americans have stopped a planned purchase or transaction because of bad service.


33% of Americans say they’ll consider switching companies after just one instance of mediocre or poor service.


Americans tell an average of 15 people about a bad customer experience, versus the 11 people they’ll tell about a good experience. (I guess, in the end, we just love to complain.)


And here’s one we underlined just so it sticks: 74% of people are likely to switch brands if they find the purchasing process too difficult.


Let’s not dwell on the negatives; that’s not what we’re here for. Instead, let’s think of solutions to safeguard your business from having as few customer experience issues as possible. And if you’re a small business that offers a service or product, you need to ensure that the hatches are battened down so you’re able to handle any sort of volume, high or otherwise.


But let’s go back to that last, scary statistic: 74% of people are likely to switch brands if they find the purchasing process too difficult. So when thinking about your small business phone service, it’s vital that every experience step, no matter the size of your company, is streamlined for each and every customer.


Thankfully, Phone.com has a standard feature that can alleviate any anxiety you have when it comes to customers calling your business line: the Dial-by-Name directory. Simply put, the directory is an auto-attendant that gives callers a menu of extensions so they can easily find the right one.


Here’s how it can affect help your business today.


    • Avoids missed calls. Every call is important, so when clients or potential customers call your main line, they can talk to whomever they need to effortlessly.
    • Boost professionalism. First impressions are still so important. An auto attendant that’s set up properly, with attention to detail and personally recorded extensions, immediately elevates your business and professionalism to callers.
    • Provide consistency. With the auto-attendant, you don’t have to worry about picking up the phone on a bad day or having a new hire fumble a potential lead. Each time someone calls, they’re getting the same smooth experience as everyone else.
    • Save money. Receptionists can cost big bucks, with an auto-attendant directory, you don’t have to sacrifice professionalism or cut corners elsewhere in your budget to hire, train, and maintain a person.




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