Why You Should be Using Voicemail to Email for Your Business

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As an owner of one or more businesses, your life is constantly full of mobile multi-tasking. You’re called away from the office all the time, you’re on the road, you’re just not available. You need some flexibility. Thanks to Phone.com’s Voicemail to Email service, you have that…and then some.

This convenience is especially important when you’re away from the office and have your calls directed to your voicemail.  So when your inbox begins to pile up, another responsibility looms over as you go about your day to day operations. This is, of course, unless you took the time to call in to your voicemail number to check your messages while you were away. But seriously…do you even know the number to dial in to your business voicemail?

Fortunately, it doesn’t matter if you do or don’t. At Phone.com, we offer several ways for you to manage your messages and missed calls while you’re away from the office, out on the road, or lounging beachside with umbrella drinks in hand. One of the most convenient is our “Voicemail to Email” service, which actually attaches your voicemail messages as audio attachments to emails and sends them to an inbox that you specify. Everything is on hand. Literally.

How Does It Work?

Once you’ve set up your voicemail to email service, any voicemail message that is recorded gets copied by our server and sent to the email address that you specify.

That’s it! It still lives on the server though, so don’t worry your beach brain about it. If you so desire, you can still call in and check your voicemail messages, or, even better, check them once you’re back from vacation. The only difference is that you also have a copy of the voicemail sitting in an email waiting for you.

Is It Secure?

We know that not every message isn’t setting up a future lunch meeting, so your most sensitive information, especially for those in the medical sector, is safe with us.

That’s precisely why we automated our process to send an audio copy and that’s it. No one will listen to your messages, and no transcription of any sort will occur. There’s not even a chance that anyone will be able to view your messages over your shoulder since the email contains an audio file.

You can listen to it at your leisure, and pop in some headphones if needed to keep the message private while you listen.

Is It Fast?

Emails get sent to you as soon as possible once a voicemail has been recorded.

Each message will come in its own email, ensuring that you get your messages quickly and discreetly after they’ve been recorded.

Some other services might send you a once-per-day notification about messages you’ve received, but this can be too long of a wait for important calls; we prefer to get your messages to you quickly so that you can review them when it’s most convenient.

Is It Easy?

Setting up our voicemail to email feature is easy, and can be done from anywhere by accessing your Phone.com account.

All you need to do is supply the email address that you want your voicemail messages sent to and our system will set things up for you. You can edit the email address or stop the email forwarding at any time from anywhere you can access your account.


What If I Have Questions?

Thankfully we have answers! If there’s anything that you aren’t sure about when it comes to setting up or using our voicemail to email feature, feel free to contact our award-winning customer support staff 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our support staff is fully trained to help you with any issues you might have with your account, and can answer any questions that you have about voicemail to email or any of our other features. One of our helpful support agents can even walk you through setting up your account to use voicemail to email right over the phone!



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