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Small Business Computing just published a feature report recommending our Virtual Office service. The word is getting out – here are some of my favorite highlights from the article written by Gerry Blackwell, who has been covering IT and Telecom since the 1980’s:

“Luckily for small business owners, there’s more to’s Virtual Office than a catchy slogan and easy-to-remember Web address. Built from the ground up and managed by a group of seasoned VoIP veterans, Virtual Office should give established players in this space a run for their money.

Like all such services, it offers small- and home-based businesses a great way to provide professional-sounding central call answering and distribution, as though they were in a big office with an expensive PBX. It makes particular sense for businesses with distributed work forces.”

I could not have said it better! More:

“One of’s other nice differentiators is that you can use call handling rules to set up sophisticated schedules, find-me-follow-me schemes and multiple ring options – features that some other, but not all, virtual PBX services offer.

For example, if you spend time in two offices and in the car with a cell phone, and you never know where you’ll be at any given time, you can tell to ring all three phones simultaneously – and answer whichever one you’re near.”

Good stuff, good stuff…come visit us at and see for yourself.

Please call our customer support team 24*7 @ 800.998.7087 or chat with us anytime live to get more information.

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