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So today is my first blog entry for Phone.com. Hm, what will people want to read about? My thoughts on Rudy or Hillary? Maybe later. Prognostications for the Jets football season? Not likely – I don’t even want to think about that. Recipes for tofu spinach soufflé? I actually have a good one (Word doc).


Got it – let’s talk about the future of hi-tech telecom….HEY, WAKE UP! I am not kidding! If you think about it for a second, the entire way we communicate is in a state of change, and it’s really cool. And we at Phone.com are riding that wave….so I invite you to join me in an ongoing conversation about widgets and gadgets and gurus and virtual reality and other fun stuff.


Let’s start at the beginning. What is the first thing you ask parents when they have a new baby? The name. What is the first thing you ask a founder of a new company? The name. What is the significance of the name, why did you choose it, who was he named for, why that company name, how did you agree on it, did you agree on it, and so on.


Ok, you probably know where I am heading – to our name. Phone.com. Basic – no fancy words, no acronyms, no VOIP, VIP, VOP, VEEP, nothing made up, nothing that we paid overdressed marketing people a million dollars to “study”. The name speaks for itself (get it…)


Sounds pretty good – basic, solid, you get what you see – nobody will think we are selling fly fishing gear or fuzzy steering wheel covers. Everyone knows what it is, and even in many other languages phone means phone.


Now you probably want to know how we actually got that name. Aren’t all the good domain names already taken? Yes, but by people like Mike Mann, my business partner and founder, who years ago led the pack in domain name real estate. And by the Internet Real Estate Group with whom Mike created a powerful alliance.


These are a bunch of creative and innovative guys who saw the future. My mission, in joining them, is to turn Phone.com into a household name for phone services that your business, your mother, your teenager, your crazy uncle and your sister’s ex-husband’s nephew’s new ad agency can use every day.


Check us out. You might find something cool. More to follow.


Next week: what the hell is a virtual phone service?

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