10 Benefits of the Best Phone System for Small Business

Business phones for remote work.

From incoming customer calls to tracking down your suppliers, your phone is the lifeline of your business.

You’re on the run, juggling all the tasks that come along with being a small business owner, and having a stationary business phone is just not an option. The problem is, using your personal phone number is proving to be difficult and even unprofessional.

You’re ready to make a change but your business is your baby and that deserves the best phone system for small business. It’s time for a virtual business phone.

Follow along and learn 10 of the best features and benefits of choosing this virtual solution for your business phone needs.

1. On-The-Go Capabilities

With a virtual phone, you can take the office with you wherever you go. You’ll have a more professional number without limiting your working location. Whether you prefer to use your computer or your smartphone, just click on the app and you’re open for business.

You won’t even need to carry 2 phones around. The entire system can be run with your personal device but no one will ever know your private number.

2. Address Book

You can easily sync your contacts right to the app and save these numbers for future calls. No need to flip back and forth or look up numbers each time. You can even dial by name.

You can save the numbers right from your caller ID and never mix up call-backs again. Let’s face it, there is nothing worse than hearing an unfamiliar voice pick up and realizing you’ve called back a customer instead of the electrician.

3. Call Waiting and Hold Music

Had an increase in calls? No problem! This system can handle call waiting and even entertain your customers with hold music while you switch lines.

You won’t have that awkward silent gap or the “are you still there?” conversation anymore. You can have confidence that no call will be left behind.

4. Call Analytics

This can be especially helpful when your business growing. With call analytics, you can see measurements like how long each call lasts, how many return calls are coming in, and even what times you receive higher traffic.

This way you can decide when it’s time to bring on some help or train your employees to shorten up those lengthy inquiries.

Get the most out of your team by using these metrics to help you with your scheduling. Reduce the amount of time you are paying your employees to wait around or optimize their time by rearranging task loads.

5. Video Conferencing

Whether you are team iPhone or team Android, you won’t have to jump around trying to find a video option that supports all parties anymore.

This system supports video conferencing so that you can take your business meetings on the go from any device. With high-quality audio and video, you won’t miss a moment of that important conference.

6. Text Messaging

If your client needs a quick reminder message for their appointment or the plumber asks you to text your address, you can text away with no worries. Often sending a text means giving out your personal number, but with the best virtual phone system for small business, you can do it all from the same place.

In a world where texting is more comfortable than picking up the phone, you can maximize your response with this handy feature. Handle incoming questions, schedule meetings, or confirm appointments all with the same number.

7. Click-to-Call

If a customer looks you up online and has to remember your number or use copy and paste to place the call, they are more likely to give up or decide to call when they have a pen and paper handy (if they remember).

A click-to-call button on your webpage is shown to deliver an ROI of 143%. This could be a substantial revenue increase just by providing an easy route to call.

The business phone system provides you with an embed code that you can use for your website. This means that the fancy button on your site is easy to install and you can start reaping the benefits asap.

8. Do Not Disturb

Late-night calls can put a real damper on family time. Luckily, you can use the do not disturb function and avoid incoming interruptions. We know you are a hard worker, but even you deserve some downtime!

Perhaps you’ve got an important call or you are attending a big event. No problem. Just click the button and all incoming calls will either be directed to voicemail or the next available person if you have employees.

This is especially helpful in multi-office settings so you can avoid an awkward call-transfer interruption.

9. Fax From Phone

Even with the rise of email, there are still industries or occasions that require a fax. If these instances are few and far between or you work from multiple locations, you’ve probably decided that installing a fax machine isn’t the best use of business dollars.

Believe it or not, your virtual phone can even handle this. Simply upload the document you need and send it right to the fax.

10. Voicemail Accessibility

You can listen to your voicemails directly on the app, or you can have them emailed to you as an mp3. Don’t have time to log on and listen? This system can take those voice messages and convert them to text for your ease.

Away from work? You’ll get an email notification each time a message is left at your business number. This email will also include the message so you can go ahead and send it on for your staff to answer or pass on the information to another contact.

Get the Best Phone System for Small Business

With these features and so many more, you can be confident that choosing the virtual business phone system is right for you. From optimizing your systems to growing with you, this is hands down the best phone system for small business.

Ready to make the switch? Select a plan that suits your business needs today and get on your way to a seamless business phone experience.


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