Why U.S.-based Customer Support Matters – A Lot

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Many customers hate having to call customer support.

The increasingly popular trend of outsourcing customer support often means that support calls are going to end up going to the lowest bidder… and this often means that they’re going overseas. The customer support experience is then made up of language barriers, misunderstandings and awkward scripts, making them into a hassle for customers who just need some help with their products.

These challenges aren’t limited to the consumer level, either; businesses encounter problems, too, and have to make support calls to get things cleared up. The last thing that you want is to get frustrated every time you have to call customer support because of a problem with your phone system.

That’s why Phone.com is proud to offer U.S.-based support to our customers. We think that distinction matters, and here’s why.

No Language Barrier

Getting support for a problem with your phone system is stressful enough without a language barrier getting in the way.

Our customer support staff are either native or fluent speakers, so you won’t have to worry that they don’t seem to understand what it is you’re saying. Perhaps more importantly, you won’t get tripped up on accents that leave you confused about what you’re being told.

Effective communication is essential to the customer support experience, and that’s what we bring with our support staff.

A Better Understanding

In addition to eliminating language barrier issues, having support based in the U.S. means that you don’t have to worry about miscommunications caused by time zone differences and differences in measurement systems.

There won’t be any problems with missing context or misunderstood phrasing when you call in to customer support. Even cultural differences won’t get in the way, since our support agents live in the same country that you do and will be familiar with the cultural references that you make.

Uniform Training

When customer support is outsourced, there’s no telling how much training the support staff gets when it comes to dealing with support calls.

In many cases, the training may be as little as teaching the new workers how to follow a script before letting them loose on unsuspecting customers. If you need real help, though, this is obviously unacceptable. That’s why we make sure that all of our customer support staff are fully trained before they get on the support lines.

They need to know what they’re talking about inside and out so they can help you resolve whatever problem you’re having as quickly as possible.

A Desire to Help

With outsourced customer support, you often end up with people working support lines who were just looking for whatever job they could get.

We can afford to be picky with our support staff, though, and we don’t just hire anyone who comes in looking for a job. We want the best of the best waiting to answer when you call, because we want to make sure that whatever issue you’re having is taken care of to your satisfaction by the time you get off the line.

More than Basic Support

Some other companies offer only basic support through their customer service lines.

There’s a reason for this, obviously; script-based customer support can only handle issues that can be diagnosed through a script, so they focus only on the main problems that you’re likely to encounter and skimp on anything beyond that. It can be hard to get a straight answer when you just need help setting something up or want to ask about potential uses of certain features.

As you might have guessed, though, this doesn’t cut it with us. When you call our award-winning customer support staff, they’ll be able to help you out with whatever you need. This isn’t limited to just fixing problems when they appear, either.

You can call us 7 days a week, 365 days a year and get help with account issues, phone problems and even just ask questions about features or have someone walk your through feature setup.

With one call, you’ll see just how much of a difference fully trained U.S.-based support can really make.

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